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World’s Tallest Air Traffic Control Towers

Here are listed the world’s top 10 tallest and largest Air Traffic Control (ATC) tower. ATC is a service that controls the traffic at airspace, which is controlled by the Ground-Based controller and guide the aircraft directly from the ground, every airport has there own ATC tower. ATC have to face some problems such as weather, hijacking, air space congestion

Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Bangkok (Thailand)

New Bangkok International Airport or Suvarnabhumi International Airport of Thailand is run by Airports of Thailand; this International Airport has the world’s tallest ATC (Air Traffic Control) Tower with the height of 132.2 meters (44ft).Measuring the airport in East its has 4,000meter long and 60 meter wide Runway, in the West its has 3,700meter long and 60metere wide Runway.

The Airport holding the average of  76 flights per hour.

The Air Traffic Control (ATC) Tower at New Bangkok International Airport is established by “Aeronautical Radio of Thailand (Aerothai)” and “Siam Syntech-unique Engineering Consortium”. IN which the Equipment and the Technology for the tower is provided by “Thales”.

The Tower gets the view of 360 degree about 32.4km2 surface areas by the controllers Equipment of the Airport Traffic Control Tower.

Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia

The Airport is address by Kuala Lumpur International Airport, 64000 Sepan, Selangor, Malaysia, in the capital city of Malaysia which is establish in the area of 50km approx, which has the world second tallest tower with the height of 130meters (426ft).

The developers of this ACT tower shaped it like Olympic torch.

This Airport has two parallel Run way of 4,000meter long which serves the 120flights per hour and it is visible and handle from the ATC tower. And it was developed by the “Kisho Kurokawa”, Owned by the Malaysia’s Government and Malaysia Airport Behard operate it.

 Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, United State

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, it has the third tallest ATC tower and the tallest in the North America with the height of 121.3meters (3987ft), which handles the 2,500 departure and arrivals every day.

It has the five parallel runways of 9,000ft to 11,889ft which has the clear view from the ATC tower. The featured Tower is constructed with the investment of currency“$44.2millions”, in which $39.4 million was funded by the City of Atlanta and the $4.8 million by the FAA “Federal Aviation Administration” for their equipment.

It was developed by the ”Hansel Phelps” constructor contractor .

Tokyo International Airport / Haneda international Airport, Japan

In January 2010 the Tokyo International Airport  opened there new ATC tower with the height of 115.7meter (380ft) and the  fourth tallest tower in the world.  This new tower is taller than the old one with a difference of 38m.  The runway of this airport that is visible from tower is 2500m long is located in Tokyo Bay.

This new tower construction is done with an asset of seven billion yen ($80m) and is integrated with the latest anti-tremor machinery to make it seismic activity resistant and thus keep away from swaying caused by strong winds. The control room of the tower doesn’t have any pillars.

The latest tower has enabled the terminal radar control system to be centralized at Haneda; it was previously operated separately by Narita Haneda airports. The old tower now serves as an emergency back-up tower. The airport is operated by Tokyo Aviation Bureau, Ministry of Land Infrastructure and Transport (airfield), and Japan Airport Terminal.

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, Chine

Southern Baiyun International Airport is featured with the world Fifth tallest ACT tower which is about 110meter (361ft) and it is also the china’s tallest ACT tower. The tower gives the entire view of Southern Chinese Airport which is about in area of 15km2.

The ACT tower is constructed in the area of 10,100m2 and it take the investment of SGD 11millions ($8.769million), the construction has been done in 2003 before the opening of airport which is opened on 2004. The design and the engineering to develop the tower are by the CPG Consultant. And the contractor Parsons Corporation & URS Greiner Woodward are the main constructor of airport.

The airport has the two Runways which is major China Southern Airlines. And the Baiyun International Airport is the operating company.

Cairo International Airport, Egypt

Cairo International Airport of Egypt is featuring the world

tallest ACT tower with height of 110meter (361 ft). The 85m2 area is covered by the control tower and the 3,000m2 covers by the technical service.

The airport is located at the middle of the city’s business region, the Airport and Navigation’s are operated by the Egyptian Holding Company.

The ATCV tower was constructed to handle the third runway which is parallel to the two presented runways. The main construct contractor is “Orascom” of the ACT tower.

Abu Dhabi International Airport, UAE

Abu Dhabi International Airport has the Seventh world’s tallest ACT tower with the height of 109meter (358ft) and consisting of 20-storey level, the airport has two runway in which the tower is the situated between of them.

In which, top 8 floor design to control the airspace, and the 12 floor to control the ground level service, b y the 2017 the airport is going to increase their passenger capacity to 27 million per annum and by 2030 increase to 40million.

The design was developer by the “Terrell”, the management of construct contract was awarded by ADPi. The “Thales” is the provider of controlling system and the Air Traffic System and MSTS multi sensor tracking system featured by Thales EUROCATsystem.

Vienna International Airport, Austria

Vienna International Airport is the Eight tallest ACT tower in the world with the height of 109meter (358ft), the surface area of the ACT tower is 3,300m2 which positioned at the entrance hall of the Airport, the main structure of ACT tower is completely subsist ofreinforced concrete.

The sixth floor of the ACT tower is developed for Air Traffic Control.  The top of the building in angled at 45 degree which gives the clear view of the two runways.

The design of the tower is developed by “Zechner & Zechner”, whereas the Peter Mandl, formTL, Thomas Lorenz, Lorenz Consult and Dr. Pfeiler are the project partners, and the work hydrological and geotechnical consult by the BGG.

Indiana International Airport, USA

Indiana International Airport has the ninth tallest ACT tower in the world with the height of 106.07meter (348ft) opened in 2006,it is also America’s second tallest ACT tower. The Smoot Aviation Constructor and Hunt construction group constructed the tower by using currency of $32million.

The diameter shaft of the tower is about 28ft; the concrete wall is thick about 18in. the window of the ACT tower is made by Glass which giving the view of 60 degree.

The Airport has two parallel runways and a single crosswind runway, and it is operated and owned by the Indianapolis Airport Authority.

Orlando International Airport, USA

The 10th tallest Air Traffic Control (ATC) tower in the world with the height of 105.16m (45ft),it is the new one ATC tower or Orlando International Airport, which it 126ft taller than old one, the program of replacing the old ATC tower was stared in September 2002.

The FAA is the constructer of the ACT tower at Orlando International Airport which is funded by the Authority of Great Orlando aviation; it is also owned and operated by the Authority of Great Orlando aviation (GOAA).

With the daily average, they are holding the 802 flights per day with including departure and arrivals.


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