Why Do You Really Need To Have Android 6.0 Marshmallow ?

Being one of the most hyped software these days, Android’s latest release android 6.0 surely has a lot of reasons to attract you towards it. Android Marshmallow comes with a lot of ‘really-necessary’ features you wish your smartphones must come with.

Yesterday, Android 6.0 Marshmallow was released for Nexus users and soon will be available for all android users too. If you’ll consider what the official blog of android speaks as true, then perhaps this is the sweetest version of android ever.

Here is a brief list of what’s new in Android Marshmallow.

  1. Now On Tap – Assistance when you need it : This new facility seems to be a little more than the ‘Ok Google‘ thing that Android already has. How?
    Here is the thing. When you are into some app, like you are reading your emails and you get to know about any meeting at a place you actually aren’t aware of, You just need to keep the home button pressed while being in the app and Now On Tap will automatically provide you with a little assistance about it.

    source : officialandroidblog
    source : officialandroidblog
  2. Doze : Save Your Battery Without Extra Attention-Sharing : This is a real problem solving feature that Marshmallow comes with. This new feature called Doze, tells your mobile phone whether it must be active or not, which means that when the operating system finds out you’re not using the phone like when you’re sleeping, it automatically shifts the phone to low power consuming mode so that you do not wake up to find a dead robot beside you which can’t even cry for your mistake of not plugging the charger in before sleeping.
  3. Greater Control of Apps and Permissions : Now this facility that has been embedded in Android Marshmallow allows you to define what permission you are willing to give to a certain application so that it doesn’t start doing something you don’t want it to do.
  4. Fingerprint security for better assurance : This new facility is for devices which support fingerprint security system. It actually provides a lot more than just screen unlocking through fingerprint reorganization. It also protects any 3rd party sign in or access to your smartphone, process of transactions through gateways and at the Google Play Store, as well as gate-keeps certain apps to provide you the best security experience about your phone.
  5. Set up your device by voice commands : This another facility of Android Marshmallow provides you with another great option which will ease your migration from old device to new device. Instead of bothering about what to do and how, you just need to command your phone by saying ‘Ok Google ! Set Up My Phone’ and there it is. The process of migration will start at once. Isn’t this one great?

So this is how, Google has brought a really upgraded version of Android and has tried its best to bring an operating system of ease and better performance.
For more details about updates on Android 6.0, you can visit the Official Android Blog or check some more interesting articles about latest tech trends at DeadlyMinds.

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