Air Traffic Control

(ATC) Air Traffic control is a service that controls the traffic at airspace, which is controlled by the Ground-Based controller. The ground-based controller control and guide the aircraft directly from the ground.

The process of controlling the aircraft includes the process from take off to landing. They also make sure that all the aircraft in the sky are safely separated by each other to prevent the crash (collision).

Every airport has their own ATC tower for familiar concept but the aircraft controlled by ATC System as the fly on route. Europe has more no. of large Air Traffic Control (ATC) which control aircraft around the airport from terminal areas. The Air Traffic Control (ATC) provides the guidelines, help to simulate the aircrafts and the Air Traffic flow. The Air Craft Control (ATC) also pay the role of defence and security and the (ATC) is also used by military.

The Collision, to prevent the collision the Air Traffic Control (ATC) has some rules for traffic separation, by this rule the (ATC) control the aircraft to use minimum airspace their around. Some aircraft has system to avoid collision, when it comes too close to another aircraft, will warn the pilot.

Air Traffic Control Assistant

Air Traffic Control assistant is also named as “Air Traffic Control Assistant” and “Assistant- Air Traffic Control”, the work of Air Traffic Control Assistant (ATSAs) is to help the Air Traffic Controller and the work is depend on their positions.

The main part their work is to answer the phone calls, making calls and to use of two-way-radio. They have to make call to get the information and the information about incoming flights from another airfield. They may also deal with their own airfield calls and etc,

Air Traffic Control Assistant have to do some more worked also, here are listed below some works if they are working in control tower:

  • Radar Room Assistance
  • Update the data information in flight and their display system
  • Have to compile the daily schedule of flight
  • Deal with the incoming and outgoing messages
  • Answer the call phone

Air Traffic Control Career

Career in Air Traffic Control (ATC), for this opportunity people should be hardworking who extremely Caution to think many time before taking any action, there is no option for taking any wrong action under the pressure, single wrong mistake have many lives, they have to solve the problems by taking the minimum of time. They have to solve problems in a minimum of time and always need to work in a team. Working at the international (ATC) they must be fluent in English, eye sight have to be good and the attitude always should be calm.

The Pay Scale in Air Traffic Control

Pay scale in some countries:

  • Airports Authority of INDIA Salaries
Job Title Airports Authority of India Salary
Junior Executive ₹6,73,469
Air Traffic Controller ₹9,04,249
DGM – Monthly ₹1,77,854/mo
Manager (Electronics) ₹10,76,058
  • FAA Salaries in Dubai, UAE
 Air Traffic Control  $136,40  at Dubai, UAE Area
 Air Traffic Control Specialist   $120,492  at Dubai, UAE Area
 Management and Program Analyst   $83,844  at Dubai, UAE Area
 Airways Transportation System Specialist  $70,510  at Dubai, UAE Area
  • ATC salaries in Europe

The salary of ACT in Europe,

Monthly salary:

TWR non RDR €1.900 (min)/ €2.500(max)

TWR RDR/APP €2.200 (min)/V2.800(max)

ACC RDR/AWY €2.500(min)/ €.200(max)

  • ATC salaries in America

The annual salary of ACT in America was $118,40 (may 2012), now the salary of ACT is $121,470 paid by the federal government.

Air traffic control certification course

  • ANS ( Air Navigation Services )
  • NATS
  • FSS (Federal Aviation Administration)
  • Air Traffic Controller’s Guild (INDIA)
  • Civil Aviation Training College- Allahabad (INDIA)
  • Airservices (Australia)

    Air Traffic Control Books

    • Fundamentals of Air Traffic Control

    Author: Nolan, Michael S.
    Publisher: Clifton Park, NY: Cengage, 2011

    • Air Navigation Law

    Author: Abeyratne, R.I.R.
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    • Air Traffic Control

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    • Air Traffic Technology International

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    • Fundamentals of Ground Radar for Air Traffic Control Engineers and Technicians

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    • Human Factors Impacts in Air Traffic Management

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Air Traffics Control Games

There are many Air Traffics Control Games are available online for PC, Android, Window:

Games for PC

  • Air Traffic Controller 3 PC HD

  • ATC3 RJAAN AtageB2 Expert

Games for Android

  • Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Free

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  • flight simulator
    flight simulator
    flight simulator game
    flight simulator game


  • Unmatched Air Traffic Control

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flight simulator game
flight simulator game
flight simulator game
flight simulator game
  • Air Control Lite

    [button color=”black” size=”big” type=”square” target=”” link=””]Download Link[/button]

  • flight simulator game
    flight simulator game

    flight simulator game
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Games for window phones

 Air Traffic Command

air traffic control game
air traffic control game

Air Traffic Rush 2

air traffic control game
air traffic control game

Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Maggi Launched in the Market

After a long wait the Patanjali Maggi has finally been launched today. The Patanjali maggi is already sent up for the distributions to the Stores and will be made available within this weekend as said by the Patanjali Committee members.

After Official Maggi got eradicated from the market People were crazy to buy Maggi and so the infant companies Like Yippee, Wai wai Noodles, Reliance maggi Etc. took advantage and doubled their profits. However the announcement made by Baba Ramdev was much relaxing to the Maggi lovers.

Expected date for Patanjali maggi to be made availableBy 21st October in Official Patanjali stores

The Official Tag line of Maggi “Taste bhi health bhi” is now deflecting the market from Nestle Maggi to Baba Ramdevs most awaited product “Patanjali Maggi”. As already stated there will be a huge profit to Patanjali with this which is but a hard working of research team of Patanjali to get this Maggi healthy for the consumers unlike the Nestle Maggi.

Reputed for his quality products Baba Ramdev has made a clear statement before that there would be no compromise to the quality and lives of millions.

Who were really affected after Maggi went off From the market?
  1. Mostly College Students died of hunger when they have nothing to eat and even the college canteens are off. They had one good friend during their starvation. Many advertisements were made making mockery to the students situations.
  2. The Professional too! The unmarried professional who live alone outside in some unknown town prefer eating maggi at least twice a week.
  3. The Mums – Believe it or not but the Aatta Maggi of nestle is mostly purchase by the Moms (parents) when their child asks for some change in food and they dont want to compensate their child’s health for that they feed them with Maggi.

Patanjali Maggi is however not on the online stores but the customers have started searching to Buy Baba Ramdev Maggi Online.

Must Watch Maggi Advertisements | We Miss you Maggi

Twitter launches a new Tool named ‘Moments’ to follow breaking news

Twitter has launched an amazing new tool which it calls as ‘Moments’ and which is being referred to be next big breaking news scooping tool. 

It’s not something unbelievable if twitter brings you a little more information about ‘what’s trending‘ because the word ‘trend’ has got defined actually on internet by twitter. After introducing the world with a better experience of celebrity updates, trend dashboards and viral stuffs, it now has come up with another great curation tool called Moment which actually will be like a great relief for those who don’t love ‘following’.

What does Moments do?

Actually, the tool helps you in being updated about latest trending news and hot topics at the specific moment without any need of following someone to get updates about him/her or follow local trends of their geographical area.

Can you use it now ?

Well, it is not available for people outside United States and can be accessed on mobile apps for android, iOS and windows phones as well as on desktop.

How to access Moments?

This new option can be accessed by clicking the ‘lightning bolt’ icon that is exactly in the middle of the icon row at the bottom of the app and can easily be spotter because of the dark parallax layout of the application.

How does Moments Work?

Here is a little brief about the way moments works :

There is a small icon of lightning bolt which perhaps denotes ‘what just broke out’ and upon clicking which, users shall see a column of stuffs which are actually updated by each new moment. So whatever you are seeing there, know that it has just been served to you, all hot and fresh.

Now, to get into details of a certain news, you just need to swipe right either the title or the brief description of the news that you see there. Once you swipe, you’ll get to see the whole stuff.

Favourite your favourite moment easily now

Another great feature that has been added to the tool is the shortcut to ‘favourite’ a certain tweet from moment. For example, let us suppose you found some tweet from the list of moments great, and you want to favourite it, then you’ve got two ways :

  1. You click in the item once and you choose the favourite option ( like you do normally).
  2. Or, use the new method which is  – double tap a certain tweet there and that’s it. It will automatically get Favorited.

Keep Yourself Updated

Also, with each new tweet and some real information, a certain moment can be updated to if you see that any moment has got your interest, you can follow that specific moment and so when it gets updated, you can get to know a little more about that topic.

The news about the introduction of this new tool was actually posted on the official blog of twitter by product manager of Moments, Madhu Muthukumar . In that post, he defined Moments as :

“Moments helps you find the best of Twitter as easily as tapping an icon – regardless of who you follow. “

Check the post at the official Twitter blog here.

Why Do You Really Need To Have Android 6.0 Marshmallow ?

Being one of the most hyped software these days, Android’s latest release android 6.0 surely has a lot of reasons to attract you towards it. Android Marshmallow comes with a lot of ‘really-necessary’ features you wish your smartphones must come with.

Yesterday, Android 6.0 Marshmallow was released for Nexus users and soon will be available for all android users too. If you’ll consider what the official blog of android speaks as true, then perhaps this is the sweetest version of android ever.

Here is a brief list of what’s new in Android Marshmallow.

  1. Now On Tap – Assistance when you need it : This new facility seems to be a little more than the ‘Ok Google‘ thing that Android already has. How?
    Here is the thing. When you are into some app, like you are reading your emails and you get to know about any meeting at a place you actually aren’t aware of, You just need to keep the home button pressed while being in the app and Now On Tap will automatically provide you with a little assistance about it.

    source : officialandroidblog
    source : officialandroidblog
  2. Doze : Save Your Battery Without Extra Attention-Sharing : This is a real problem solving feature that Marshmallow comes with. This new feature called Doze, tells your mobile phone whether it must be active or not, which means that when the operating system finds out you’re not using the phone like when you’re sleeping, it automatically shifts the phone to low power consuming mode so that you do not wake up to find a dead robot beside you which can’t even cry for your mistake of not plugging the charger in before sleeping.
  3. Greater Control of Apps and Permissions : Now this facility that has been embedded in Android Marshmallow allows you to define what permission you are willing to give to a certain application so that it doesn’t start doing something you don’t want it to do.
  4. Fingerprint security for better assurance : This new facility is for devices which support fingerprint security system. It actually provides a lot more than just screen unlocking through fingerprint reorganization. It also protects any 3rd party sign in or access to your smartphone, process of transactions through gateways and at the Google Play Store, as well as gate-keeps certain apps to provide you the best security experience about your phone.
  5. Set up your device by voice commands : This another facility of Android Marshmallow provides you with another great option which will ease your migration from old device to new device. Instead of bothering about what to do and how, you just need to command your phone by saying ‘Ok Google ! Set Up My Phone’ and there it is. The process of migration will start at once. Isn’t this one great?

So this is how, Google has brought a really upgraded version of Android and has tried its best to bring an operating system of ease and better performance.
For more details about updates on Android 6.0, you can visit the Official Android Blog or check some more interesting articles about latest tech trends at DeadlyMinds.

PM Modi visits Google Headquarters, pinpoints Khagaul on Google Earth

As Narendra Modi visited Google Headquarters today, he was shown what’s new and upcoming in the world of Google including upcoming Google Tech innovations. Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai himself took the honour of making Modi meet the search engine giant’s projects.

When Modi was being shown the Google Earth project, Prime Minister asked for Khagaul to be pinpointed on Google Earth. He was also given a glimpse of the street view technology by Google.

Sundar Pichai later announced about Google’s decision of providing high-speed WiFi facility to hundred of Indian railway stations, and that the count will get risen to 400 within a year.

Modi called his visit as a visit to Google-Guru, and added that this was just a beginning of a new relationship between the biggest word on Internet and the biggest market of Internet facilities.

Sundar Pichai also made Modi meet some of the other projects of Google including the Project Iris which is about a smart lens that calculates the level of glucose. Pichai explained how these technologies can help the ‘Digital India’ campaign led by Modi in getting more emphasized and elaborated.

Modi took a photo with Google’s top officials before he left the headquarters.

Shame on MEDIA Making fun of Modi! So TRUE

Modi visiting Facebook office in Silicon Valley California made India proud by answering the QA session very intellectually. However instead of helping Modi’s work and mission for his meet they are showing only emotional scene on the television.

Media thinks the discussion between Mark Zuckerberg and Narendra Modi was only about his “MAA”. The Media/ indian New Channels haven’t been focusing on the answers and his motive behind the whole meet. However they are rather being emotional about Modi’s mourn in public.

Discussion all over social media is been going on about the TV channels and News Channels who are focusing only on the Modi’s Crying words about his Mother.

Modi is trying hard to change India and Foolish Media is still busy buying the TRP and showing nonsense. They are not spreading the Modi’s campaign. Moreover many Entrepreneurs have tweeted to rather see DD News than any other bullshit trending covers.

Is Media most annoying thing that has ever happened to India. Since it hold 80% responsible on how society goes and respond to the daily activities social media should try hard to go against these news channels.

Some one has to step up and get this biggest communication media improve their quality they are providing for its viewers. Do share and let other know about this.