How to Block adult content from Router and Improve Network Security via DNS Service

Do you have children at home who are entering their teenage Life and thus needs to be safe from getting into the dirty world. Here is an article for How to filter/block your internet data packets via a DNS service so that your children cant see any unwanted content on Web.

Block the Content using DNS Service

  1. Go to your browser and in the address bar Type – and then Hit Enter.
    IT can be either (for TP Link and D- Link Routers) or (D-link and others) or you can just see the back of your router in which a note is given regarding your IP Details.
  2. After login (Enter Username Password) , Go to DHCP settings option. Being a TP link router user I have given the image below for your convenience-
    block adult content router dns tplink
  3. After that you can see an option that says Primary DNS and next to that Secondary DNS. These two fields are to be filled up with the Public DNS IPs that are used for content filtration.
  4. This is one such way that can be used to update your DNS setting via Router. However You can also change the DNS Setting from IPV4 Properties. 

Changing the Preferred DNS locally on a Computer

This local Content Filtration can also be done on an individual system using this step.

preferred dns content filtration

How to Open IPV4 Window

  • Go to Network and Sharing in Control Panel
  • Go to Change Adapter Settings
  • Identify the network which you have to connect to. Right click that connection and then click Properties.

internet protocol version 4

Now Click on the Internet Protocol Version 4 Option. A New Pop Up window will be opened which will look like this-

preferred dns content filtration

Now You can Use the DNS IPs Service to protect your children from unwanted content online.

List of Primary DNS and Secondary DNS services / IPS

Sr. NoDescriptionPrimary DNSSecondary DNSRatings (Out of 5.0)
1Open DNS208.67.220.222208.67.220.2204.9
4Comodo Secure8.
2DNS Watch
3Level3 DNS209.244.0.3209.

Micromax launches Windows 10 Canvas Lapbook, Priced @ Rs. 13999

After getting into the world of smartphones and television and having got emerged as one of the biggest players in Indian market, Micromax seems to be determined to take it ahead with its new series of laptops which are priced really competitive.

Currently working on the plan to bring affordable tech gadgets, Micromax has now jumped to compete with big players like Dell, HP, Lenovo and Sony with its new Canvas Laptop which comes with pre-installed Windows 10 operating system and will support the new Display Dock for Windows smartphones.

The target of the company, as stated by a spokesperson, is to capture more than 10% of the market.

Another reference that was given regarding the launch of this new model by Micromax was that it supports the Digital Indian Campaign initiated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. According to Micromax, affordable technology is what they are seeking to provide the country with.

CMO of Micromax, Mr. Shubhajit Sen elaborated a little about this new launch in his conversation with press. He said ” It is the motive of our company to lessen the gap between the two important ends of the market – needs of consumers and the availability of technology in market. And at Micromax, we are trying to create a bridge to connect these two poles. With our easy to afford models, we are trying to bring what’s best in the world of technology, to common users.”

He also stated that Micromax is seeking to get deeper into the market and capture a little more of it through this new lapbook model of its.

Before this, Micromax has already got into the market with its innovative design model named Micromax Labtab which provided users with dual experience of laptop and tablet.

Since the launch, Micromax has been claiming that it is seeing great demand a continuous hike in sales of laptabs and this claim seems to promise that people are accepting Micromax as a player in laptop market.

If this claim is as Micromax states it, then no wonder, at this affordable price of Rs. 13999, Micromax may give a tough competition to several other laptops of this price range.

Now, if you are expecting too much out of this, let me tell you this now – it comes with atom processor and has got an 11 inch display. Not bad!

Along with dual speakers to provide great sound experience, it also comes with a high capacity battery ( 5000 mAh ) which promises to provide a backup of 11 hours.

Here is a brief spec-list about this model :

Processor : Intel Atom, Quad Core ( Upto 1.83GHz)

Operating System : Pre-installed Windows 10

Screen Width : 11.6 inches

Storage : 32 GB Inbuilt

Expandable upto : 64 GB

Battery : 5000 mAh

Weight : 1.3 Kilograms

While Micromax seems to have a positive mindset about getting into this market, many predictors have been speaking of Lenovo’s possibility of hitting the top slot in the market at the end of this year. It has already got into great run by capturing a government’s contract of supplying laptops into rural area of Tamil Nadu. Under this contract, it will deliver more than 6 lakhs of laptops which is already a great deal, isn’t it? This alone shall be a business of around 950 crores.

Even though this isn’t a market thing, this may prove even more worthy, because getting tied to government adds to the certification as well as trust score of a company. And lenovo, already being a top player of this market once, might be the biggest nut to crack for the newbie Micromax.

Convert Mobile Phone to PC using New Microsoft Display Dock Gadget

Microsoft Display Dock is another astonishing gadget by the tech giant which comes with the power of converting your windows phone into a big screen personal computer. And this gadget is just awesome!

windows phone Microsoft display dock
Convert Mobile phones to PC

With the revelation of Microsoft’s new windows smartphones the new Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL, it also brought an amazing gadget to enhance the user experience as well as provide users with a new method of synchronizing their phones to pc. Actually, this gadget doesn’t only synchronize the mobile phone but in a way, lets you use it like a personal computer, regulate it with keyboard and mouse, and watch the cursor moving on a bigger screen that your phone.

Though, there is no revelation about the price of the gadget, we have luckily got a little details about what we are getting in this adapter.

Charging connector USB Type-C
AV Connectors Display Port, HDMI
System Connectors Display Port over USB Type-C
Other Connectors 2 USB 2.0, USB 2.0 high current charging port
Video Resolution Up to 1080p
Content Protection High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) 1.3 / 1.4
User Interface Gadgets app
Power 5 V charger output, 3000mAh charger input, 2000mAh charger output
Dimensions 64.1 mm wide, 25.6 mm long, 64.1 mm thick
Weight 230 g
Cable Length 100 cm

Can you use your phone while it’s plugged into the display dock?

Yes, and this is great. Because what happens when you connect your phone to your pc through USB connection is that there are many services that get either blocked or a single SMS beep may disconnect all your works at once. So, here you have no worries about that either.

As this is all which has got out about this gadget, know details about this here at the official website of Microsoft.

This is indeed a big news for Windows Phone users as this will add up a new factor for customers to go on with the Microsoft Windows phones. In this big race of smart Phones where android phones have ruled the market Microsoft is putting all its efforts for sustenance.

Know more about how to use it, through this video :

Tips and Tricks on How to Increase your Computer / laptop speed

How to Speed up your PC – Many times people are stuck with their old laptops or Computers with poor performance with regard to the speed, responsiveness, hanging problems, mouse pointer getting slow, TouchPad not working and others. The reason why every person is not much into Tech is why they have to face such problems. However for a geek like me its just few computer tweaks that are to be done to get the computer back into track and with increased speed. So here are few suggestion or tricks on how to increase your laptop / computer speed.



Remove unnecessary startup programs


People frequently gets irritated when their computer takes a long time to startup. So here is how to fix this thing. Remove unnecessary startup programs by following the given instructions

How to run msconfig.exe to remove startup programs:

  1. Press Windows Start Button
  2. Go to run and Type msconfig.exe. Hit Enter!
  3. A windows Pops out which is labelled as System Configuration.
  4. Click on the startup tab and Unmark/untick the unwanted startup programs.
  5. Click on Apply and OK.
  6. YouTips on Which Programs to Unmark or remove from startup.


Remove Unwanted services running in your computer


The next thing to tweak your computer is to get rid of the unnecessary services running in the background. These services eat much needed RAM for multitasking. These unwanted windows 7/8 services can be distinguished by using the feature called “Hide all Microsoft Services”. This will hide the Important services from Microsoft so that you may not end up disabling any crucial service.

Using CCleaner to remove Cache, Cookies, Temporary Files

ccleaner increase computer speed

CCleaner the best and most popular tool of the industry is the best software to speed up your PC. It is a must have software on every PC. Ccleaner can clean Browsers, Reg edit files, cleans System Files and many other tweaks on one click. This software is one of the oldest and most reputed software. There are tutorials available on How to use CCleaner efficiently.

Few Tips for using CCleaner [Things to Remember]:-

  1. If you are a consistent internet surfer and does huge browsing then don’t clean your Chrome files better go to the application tab and then go to Google Chrome Untick all of them or rather untick the ones that will irritate you – Internet Cache , Cookies, Session, saved passwords.
  2. The reason -behind this is when you clean the browser settings then all your saved info gets lost and if you have multiple passwords and you used to login directly without logging in then your are busted. Your passwords saved in chrome are also gone. WTF!  Now what ! HUH! Just go to all your accounts and try to remember your old password or else recover your lost password through the merchant website.
  3. Save the registry files before fixing them .People usually skip this to save their time but this is essential one fault can otherwise lead to hours of loss fixing your PC again.
  4. Dont use Drive Wiper in tools you can accidentally loose all your saved computer data.


Clean Up Your RAM

task manager free your ram

This is yet important task to increase your laptop speed. Here are the simple steps to clean up your RAM –

  1. Go to task manager
  2. Go to Processes
  3. No Do Show all Process
  4. Remove – End task the unwanted and malicious programs running that will thus Free your RAM space held by those process.
  5. (Description) Before a process starts – After you click the program/file to start, OS assign a RAM Space that will be taken by the specified software related to that file For Ex. to open a .jpeg file a dllHost will run that is nothing but a COM Surrogate that will take few 20 MB approx depending upon the RAM memory allocation system and current I/O process.


Remove the Charging for GOD Sake !  {Battery charger}

People who continuously charge their laptops hardly know that extra charge / current given to the battery will leak out the charge and thus provide few extra amperes to the processor of your laptop thus increasing the fan speed and engaging more unnecessary charge from your battery. This is done in efficient manner but the heating starts up thus degrading the performance of your processor.

 Upgrade/Increase Your RAM

With over usage of applications and software which people do forget to focus on there goes requirement of more RAM. The reason behind this is that you have installed many more programs to your system then it originally had when it came in a mint condition. Thus upgrading your RAM is a necessity. A 2 GB DDR3 Will Cost you only 17$ / 1000 INR for your laptops to boost the performance and get a smooth working.

Disable or delay your Windows Search Indexer


As soon as the Computer/PC/Laptop Boots up and windows open up the Windows Search starts up. It consumes a lot of I/O Process and processing speed thus increasing windows starting load time.

Steps to Disable Windows search

  1. Type Services.msc in start Menu.
  2. Hit Enter and open it.
  3. Find the service named Windows Search
  4. Right click on it then go to properties.
  5. A field called Startup Name is listed here.
  6. Click on Disable then -> Apply -> OK


Windows search properties selecting disabled

Replace your HDD Hard Drive with SSD

After all the best of all these tweaks which I am sharing you at last is to change your SATA Hard Disk that has very slow processing speed to SSD (solid state drive). The reason why I shared this at the end is that it needs to spend money.

SSDs are very costly and 128GB SSD will cost you around 47$ as a initial price. However they are the ultimate success in increasing your Device speed.