Filter Adult content on network via router and PC, laptop to protect children/kids

How to Block adult content from Router and Improve Network Security via DNS Service

Do you have children at home who are entering their teenage Life and thus needs to be safe from getting into the

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Pros and Cons of Windows 10 over Windows 7 and 8

After the launch of Windows 10 the users are confused what to use Windows 10 or Windows 7/8. Here this

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How to boost Android phone Speed

Tips and Tricks to Increase Android Phone speed: Many Smart Phone users have asked this question several Times and we

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Automation at it’s peak !!!

Many of us would be familiar with Apple’s SIRI which can give answers to many of your questions, but IPsoft

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Micromax launches Windows 10 Canvas Lapbook, Priced @ Rs. 13999

After getting into the world of smartphones and television and having got emerged as one of the biggest players in

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microsoft display dock convert windows phone to PC

Convert Mobile Phone to PC using New Microsoft Display Dock Gadget

Microsoft Display Dock is another astonishing gadget by the tech giant which comes with the power of converting your windows phone

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twitter moments lightning bolt tool

Twitter launches a new Tool named ‘Moments’ to follow breaking news

Twitter has launched an amazing new tool which it calls as ‘Moments’ and which is being referred to be next big

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Why Do You Really Need To Have Android 6.0 Marshmallow ?

Being one of the most hyped software these days, Android’s latest release android 6.0 surely has a lot of reasons

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PM Modi visits Google Headquarters, pinpoints Khagaul on Google Earth

As Narendra Modi visited Google Headquarters today, he was shown what’s new and upcoming in the world of Google including

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Girls and Boys buying a laptop | Difference in Talks

You will find it hilarious how girls do react after while buying a laptop in contrary to the Boys who

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