Pros and Cons of Windows 10 over Windows 7 and 8

After the launch of Windows 10 the users are confused what to use Windows 10 or Windows 7/8. Here this article will tell you the advantages of Win 10 and will help you to decide what to install thus illustrating the pros and cons of Windows 10 over Windows 7/8.

Upgrading and updating technology has become a part and parcel of one’s life. In this upgrading game personal computer, laptops and phones are always (all-ways) kept up-to-date. Bill Gate’s Corporation “Microsoft” has always been first past the post in this competition (Yes! All you windows people out there… this one is for you). Microsoft’s launch of windows 10 has been a buzz in upgrading world. But, don’t just gaze at the tip of the iceberg, search for its underground part too. (Why have been Windows 10 upgrade a free charge for its users?)

Turning to the next page will make you aware of it. (What’s the point?) Let’s have a quick gleam at the supporting and non supporting aspects to Windows 10 over Windows 7 and 8.

Windows 10 Cons/ Advantages over Win 7/8

Free thus Easy on pockets:

windows 10 upgrade

Yes, you read that right you don’t have to make your pockets light to get the latest version of windows. Qualifying user’s (windows 7, 8, and 8.1) machines will get hassle free access to 10th generation of Windows.

Extended helping hand for users.

Another key reason for upgrading your window technologies to its latest version is that Microsoft will shore up all its features for a longer time frame than windows 7 or 8. (Security of 5 years over 7th Gen and 2 years over Windows 8)

Search Features:

(Being Cortan-ious)

Windows 10 is baked in with a voice assistant. (Yes! Your helping lady) “Cortana” can respond to your voice commands, getting your core tasks done and skilled to get results from the internet with a blink.

Flexible Gaming (Xbox lovers):

windows 10 gameFor all the game addicts windows 10 is a must have for you. Windows 10 carry DirectX 12 which allows you to stream games from your Xbox one. The deficient feature of Windows 7 and 8 has been a hit for Microsoft.

Windows 10 Cons/ Disadvantages over WIN 7/8



(Is it trustworthy to work with?)

The brand new launch of 10th gen has got surprisingly large number of bugs with it (which were absent in previous versions). Among these problems are download bugs, cut and paste errors and setbacks in audio. (Think before you improve)

Mandatory Updates:

(Getting it done now!)

Windows 10 may be really reliable and secure to use but giving it a setback is its enforced updates. (Installing security patches which in turn crashes Windows explorer and so on.) On the contrary updates for Windows 7 or 8 were optional.

Simplicity to Use:

(Asking people how to use?)

Among the various problems faced in Windows 10 is the ease to get your hands familiar with the latest upgrade. On the other part, Windows 7 or 8 were undoubtedly intelligible and user friendly version of Windows.

As we get you a detailed encounter with the positives and negatives of Windows 10th Generation over its previous versions… think wisely and update.

(We don’t want our readers to land themselves in trouble.)

How to boost Android phone Speed

Tips and Tricks to Increase Android Phone speed: Many Smart Phone users have asked this question several Times and we have come up with a solution to increase / enhance your Mobile speed with these simple tweaks using few apps that you need to install on your device. Continue reading How to boost Android phone Speed

Convert Mobile Phone to PC using New Microsoft Display Dock Gadget

Microsoft Display Dock is another astonishing gadget by the tech giant which comes with the power of converting your windows phone into a big screen personal computer. And this gadget is just awesome!

windows phone Microsoft display dock
Convert Mobile phones to PC

With the revelation of Microsoft’s new windows smartphones the new Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL, it also brought an amazing gadget to enhance the user experience as well as provide users with a new method of synchronizing their phones to pc. Actually, this gadget doesn’t only synchronize the mobile phone but in a way, lets you use it like a personal computer, regulate it with keyboard and mouse, and watch the cursor moving on a bigger screen that your phone.

Though, there is no revelation about the price of the gadget, we have luckily got a little details about what we are getting in this adapter.

Charging connector USB Type-C
AV Connectors Display Port, HDMI
System Connectors Display Port over USB Type-C
Other Connectors 2 USB 2.0, USB 2.0 high current charging port
Video Resolution Up to 1080p
Content Protection High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) 1.3 / 1.4
User Interface Gadgets app
Power 5 V charger output, 3000mAh charger input, 2000mAh charger output
Dimensions 64.1 mm wide, 25.6 mm long, 64.1 mm thick
Weight 230 g
Cable Length 100 cm

Can you use your phone while it’s plugged into the display dock?

Yes, and this is great. Because what happens when you connect your phone to your pc through USB connection is that there are many services that get either blocked or a single SMS beep may disconnect all your works at once. So, here you have no worries about that either.

As this is all which has got out about this gadget, know details about this here at the official website of Microsoft.

This is indeed a big news for Windows Phone users as this will add up a new factor for customers to go on with the Microsoft Windows phones. In this big race of smart Phones where android phones have ruled the market Microsoft is putting all its efforts for sustenance.

Know more about how to use it, through this video :

Girls and Boys buying a laptop | Difference in Talks

You will find it hilarious how girls do react after while buying a laptop in contrary to the Boys who are just Techy enough to brain storm the discussion for a new laptop. I bet you will not stop laughing on this since the low IQ girls have just silly talks to discuss rather than be intellectual.

How boys Talks before buying a new laptop!

Girls and boys buying laptop funny images

The Indian talks are strange Offcourse How college friends talk about new gadgets and take suggestions from everyone.

Girls Chat for buying a new laptop! Killing One

Girls Chat while buying a new laptop

Intelligent Suggestions are something like This – LoL!

How intellects and brainy pupil suggests their friends regarding buy a new laptop.



These suggestion would be like crying out laughing if done publicly.


This ones the best ever! Do share it to your college friends! 

girl boy laptop