Tallest ATC Tower in India

Current Tallest ATC Tower in India Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (Mumbai)

Upcoming Tallest ATC Tower in India : Indira Gandhi International Airport (Delhi)

Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (Mumbai) is constructed with tallest ATC tower in India with the 30-storey building and the height of 83.8 meters which is control by the ground based controllers who direct aircraft in the space and on the the runway too.

ATC is a service that controls the traffic at airspace, which is controlled by the Ground-Based controller and guide the aircraft directly from the ground, every airport has there own ATC tower. ATC have to face some problems such as weather, hijacking, air space congestion, to Know more about Air Traffic Control Tower read our another article Air Traffic Control

But, the new ATC Tower under constructor at Delhi International Airport also known as Indira Gandhi International Airport will gone Tallest ATC Tower In India. Through this new Air Traffic Control Tower, the controllers can maximized the utilization of their three runways per hours via 360 degree view and with the new runway it will  become India’s first and only Airport with four runways, said by “PRABHAKARA RAO” CEO, Delhi International Airports Limited (DIAL).

The New ATC which is under construction will all set to preform operations from the starting week of December 2016. Delhi Air Traffic Control Tower will be the tallest ATC Tower in India with the height of 101.9 meters and able to reported over 350 crore.

Suvarnabhumi International Airport is the tallest ATC Tower in the world check another 9 tallest ATC Tower of the world and their technical skills: World’s Tallest Air Traffic Control Towers

The Old ATC Tower at “DIAL” has the height of 60 meter which was constructed in 1996 and its exist six years ago.

At present the tallest ATC Tower in India is constructed at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (Mumbai) which was named on the name of 17th-century Maratha emperor Chhatrapati Shivaji.

Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is the 35th busiest airport in the world and second in India after Delhi as per the International Airports Council and it has the busiest runway in the country in the term of cargo traffic.

The airport handling the record of 51 movements per hour on September-16-2016. It has the 5 working terminal with covering the operational area of 1,850 acres (750 hectares).

The Airport also won the Best Airport Award “ASQ” in the category of 25-40 million passengers per annum by International Airports Council.

Also won award for “Best Airport in India and Central Asia” by World Airport Awards at Skytrax 2016.



Top 5 Android apps for Indian Railways PNR Status Checking

Top 5 Android apps for Indian Railways PNR Status Checking: Indian Railways is the hands down the most used travelling mode in our country. As per some reports it has been shown that approximately 24 million Indian Passengers check their Railways Ticket status, Train PNR Status online. Indian Railways in our country continues to be the most favorite mode of travel, despite all the other options. Apart from that, nobody likes to stand in long queues for hours, just to know information of train PNR no. and status. So, for that there are many apps in the android’s Google Play Store which users can download to know all their  information like indian railways pnr status seat availability,  indian railways enquiry , indian railways pnr status check online.

So, today in this article, we will be recommending some of the best Indian Railways Android apps that can make your travel hassle free.

Best IRCTC Android Apps To Track PNR and Book Tickets

Railway PNR Check :

Railway PNR Check is a very popular and is among the fastest apps for booking e-tickets, Checking PNR status with passenger details, finding trains, checking seat availability, train status and a lot more. The most amusing feature of this app is that its User interface is very fast and it also gives you the flexibility to view information of train routes and check PNR status. You can also see your detailed information like seat number and seat location etc.

You can download this app for free from here [button color=”” size=”10″ type=”” target=”blank” link=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.check.pnr&reviewId=Z3A6QU9xcFRPSFRhaGxoVUJLZkhyQURaOTg4blZ6VU1fWVpNcEhtdWJXSjFyRDMwcjNOQW5BZGQzcGl1ZElrdVZFWllUT19Nelpqd1BNRHp4TFlKa09KVGdJ”]Download Now[/button]


Features of Railway PNR Check:

1. Train Information

* Find Trains
* Indian train Availability
* Indian Train Schedule
* Train Arrival Departure Information
* Real Time Train Location Tracking
* Indian Live Train Status
* Past Train Information System

2. Ticket Services

* Find Tickets
* Seat Availability
* Check Fares for all classes
* Book Tickets
* PNR Status Enquiry
* Automated PNR Status Change Notifications

3. Other services 

* Indian Railway Map with relevant information such as stations, length of routes, and more
* Gallery of Images of Various Indian Railway Station.

IRCTC Mobile

We have put IRCTC mobile app on number two because most of the times, this app lags and crashes due to high traffic on it. But being the most downloaded app for IRCTC this apps provide accurate information to its users. We, hope that its functionality will improve in futures.

 Ixigo indian rail & trains

This app is also considered as one of the best apps to book e-ticket and for checking PNR status. As promised by this app, its functionality also delivers well.

Features of Ixigo Indian Rail & trains:

  • Search for trains between destinations
  • Check Train availability 6 days prior
  • Real-time availability for over 2500 trains
  • Looks for trains with train numbers and names
  • Trains running status

Rail Yatri – Indian Railways

Rail Yatri Indian Railways app by Stelling technologies is an amazing app with some interesting features like new trains availability at your closest station,GPS train locator, frequent route changes etc.

Indian Railways PNR :

This app is also among the new+rising apps for Trains related information like train booking, Search Trains, Fair enquiry, live status of the train and station status. This app working on android device is pretty good and its almost flawless. Indian Railways PNR popularity can be seen in its users reviews.

Free Mp3 Music Downloader Apps for Android

Most of us love to collect new songs so we can listen our favorite songs at anytime, anyplace and anywhere . The convenience provided by the smartphones makes it pretty much easy to freely download any mp3 songs without any obstacle . Nowadays, there are some dedicated and astounding music downloader apps for Android Smartphones users by them you can use your smartphone as an MP3 player, download any sort of music or you can listen music directly from the web. These apps are 100% free for mp3 music downloads. Isn’t that amazing .?? So there is a definite need for everybody to have Free Mp3 Music Downloader Apps in their Android Device .

best mp3 android music downloader app

Top 20 Latest & Best Android Downloader Music Apps

There are many remarkable android apps available in Play store. Among them, mp3 downloader apps is one of the most popular category which has enormous fame among android users . So, let’s jump on to the 20 Best & Latest Mp3 Music Downloader Applications for android for free music downloads of 2016


4shared app for android

4Shared mp3 free download music app is considered as one of the most greatest app for downloading music and much more on android OS . They use to have a dedicated music app but recently it was removed from the Play Store. So, you can download music from their 4Shared app easily that too free . To download free music from 4Shared, just move to their Music category. Now, Enter name of your song which you want to listen or download and it will show results in accordance to your search query.


Plus they allow you to listen the music online (online music streaming) or you can install the app which is completely free.

[button color=”black” size=”14″ type=”round” target=”blank” link=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.forshared”]DOWNLOAD NOW[/button]

iTube Music

itube mp3 downloader

iTube Music is among the most famous music downloader app from Google Play Store with a grand user rating of 4. iTube app is both online music streaming and music downloader app. You can find your favorite sound files and tracks by finding it through Albums, Genres or simply just be searching it in the search box . This app is usable for android phones with at least 4.1 Android OS version.



One thing that we can guarantee you is that you can find whatever mp3 song you want to because of its ‘enormous database’.

We recommend Android OS users to use this super awesome app at least once because of its all free plus point.

[button color=”black” size=”14″ type=”round” target=”blank” link=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.qanhmusic.itube.music”]DOWNLOAD NOW[/button]



mp3 downloader android

SoundCloud is among the most popular free music streaming app for android but you can also download your favorite music tracks by Save as Offline feature. Point to note: free version of this android app has some ads but you can pay a small fee to remove the ads and can have the ad free user experience. You can find your favorite music mp3 from Genres section or by searching from search bar.


SoundCloud has gigantic active installs with an awesome 4.4 average user rating.

[button color=”black” size=”14″ type=”round” target=”blank” link=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.soundcloud.android”]DOWNLOAD NOW[/button]


saavn music mp3 app downloader

Saavn is a famous Music app for online streaming and downloading mp3 music on Android OS . It has unlimited access to your favorite music and audio content: English, Bollywood, Indian regional songs and radio stations . wherever and whenever you want .


It has some groundbreaking audio programs too from some great storytellers such as Neelesh Mishra , Mae Thomas and many more .Saavn catalog has around 30 millions tracks including different genres and languages .

[button color=”black” size=”14″ type=”round” target=”blank” link=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.saavn.android&hl=en”]DOWNLOAD NOW[/button]



 Rhapsody Music Player

rhapsody for android mp3 downloader app

Rhapsody is basically a music player but it allows its users to download free music online . You can play music from the device storage and can also download music to listen offline. For that you have to Create playlist and save your favorite MP3 music songs, Video or Audio music by artist or genres.


Its most remarkable feature is that, you can find your Facebook Friends here and can listen what they already searched or played.

[button color=”black” size=”14″ type=”round” target=”blank” link=”http://download.cnet.com/Rhapsody/3000-2139_4-75064880.html”]DOWNLOAD NOW[/button]




Wynk Music

wynk for android mp3 downloading

Wynk Music is one popular app in India which is getting huge popularity among users. Wynk Music app has more than ten million of downloads with an user rating of 4.1 which is  pretty fantastic . This app is not totally free but for the first month, you can use their subscription for free.


The company also allows Airtel users to enjoy free subscription of 6 months. If you are hindi mp3 songs fanatic then this app is definitely for you .

[button color=”black” size=”14″ type=”round” target=”blank” link=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bsbportal.music”]DOWNLOAD NOW[/button]




gaana mp3 app for android music download

Gaana is one of the most remarkable music download apps for android OS to download or listen free songs. The thing that ruins Gaana App is that the downloaded music songs cannot be played in any other music player on the mobile device. At first, Gaana was a music streaming app but recently, they introduced download feature too which is great. Note that you can download Hindi songs only via Gaana app. So, if you love Indian songs of any language (Marathi, Hindi, Gujarati) etc. Gaana is the app for you .

[button color=”black” size=”14″ type=”round” target=”blank” link=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gaana”]DOWNLOAD NOW[/button]




napster downloader mp3 android app

Napster is a brand new app which allows mp3 music downloads for free for android users. Napster has more than 30 million mp3 sound tracks in their database as of now.  Napster is a fast and exciting music downloader app which is available for android  version above than 4.0.4.


The most amazing part of this wonderful app is that there is no irritating and vitriolic ads in the android app . So, you can enjoy seamless music on your phone anytime .

Music Match Feature

Confused while deciding what music you want to listen ? Well Napster is your saviour . It has a unique feature that allows you to find songs according to your taste that to hassle free .

[button color=”black” size=”14″ type=”round” target=”blank” link=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rhapsody.napster&hl=en”]DOWNLOAD NOW[/button]



Rock My Run

mp3 music downloading app for gym enthusiast

If you’re gym person you definitely know the feel of listening your favorite music while  working out . Rock My Run will motivate you while working out .


The app comes out with the list of music from the world’s greatest DJ mixers like David Guetta, Martin Garrix, Zedd, Afrojack, Major Lazer and many more . In this you can mix multiple Mp3 songs after that you can play or download your favourite mix-ups . Now this is fantastic !!

All in all it is an ideal app to download for android users whether you are a fitness freak or just a music lover .

[button color=”black” size=”14″ type=”round” target=”blank” link=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rockmyrun.rockmyrun”]DOWNLOAD NOW[/button]



Google Play Music

google play android app for music download

Google Play Music is listed in the best ad free android apps to download music absolutely free. Google Play Music has over 50,000 songs in its database. Through this app, you can also locate and subscribe to the podcasts.


It has few enticing features like smart recommendation which recommends you songs according to your taste by matching genres of songs which you usually love to listen.

Bonus Factor

The thing to keep in mind is that you can trust this app fully as this app is from Google itself which never let their users down. So, just download this app right away and enjoy free music without any worries .

[button color=”black” size=”14″ type=”round” target=”blank” link=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.music&hl=en”]DOWNLOAD NOW[/button]




hungama music application app of android

Hungama is among the most cluttered music streaming apps for android right now, but it has some sparkling features that can help make up for this like Music Recommendation feature . Hungama is priced at Rs. 120 per month for unlimited music downloads.


Hungama has a piquant feature which downloads the music automatically to your device storage while you are listening the songs(for pro users only) . It also recommends you the music according to your mood . It has a soft and quite nice User Interface which adds a point in its cap when compared to other music downloader apps in the store .

[button color=”black” size=”14″ type=”round” target=”blank” link=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hungama.myplay.activity&hl=en”]DOWNLOAD NOW[/button]



Music Maniac App


music mainiac application for mp3 downloading

Music Maniac App has some of the interesting and specialized functionalities which proves to be a great factor for the music maniac app user . The app is also fast and lightning and doesn’t slow down the performance of the android device while using it online .


The Music Maniac App has a smart and quick UI which is basically the need for the users . The music files are downloaded in the external storage of the device . Mp3 Songs downloads are pretty fast as compared to many other apps in the google play store . Hence, its a must download for music lovers .

[button color=”black” size=”14″ type=”round” target=”blank” link=”http://download.cnet.com/Music-Maniac-Pro/3000-2139_4-76182508.html”]DOWNLOAD NOW[/button]



Music Download Paradise

music paradise app app for mp3 android downloading

Music Download Paradise is a music search engine app which can be used to download various mp3 songs, short clips, ringtones etc. It is very easy to use and is available in a small size to download from the Play Store .


It is quite simple to use. The app has only 2 tabs : Library and Search . You can search your desired mp3 songs or music files from there .


Pop-up Ads do disturb the users sometime as they are annoying and takes you to different irrelevant websites .

Though, this app is discontinued but you can still download its Apk to download it .

[button color=”black” size=”14″ type=”round” target=”blank” link=”http://music-download-paradise.en.softonic.com/android”]DOWNLOAD NOW[/button]



Radio Player by Audials

radio app by audibles for downloading

The Radio Player by Audials can not be called as a music downloader app but you can easily get your favorite songs in this app . For it you just have to find the mp3 song of your choice . Just record it by the given option in the app . After that play in any music player of your device . So enjoy free unlimited music of your choice with the help of this Android App.

[button color=”black” size=”14″ type=”round” target=”blank” link=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.audials”]DOWNLOAD NOW[/button]




anghami music app downloader for music downloading

Anghami is an android application for downloading International and Arabic music songs that too unlimited .There are 2 versions of this android app . Anghami Free and Anghami Pro .


Anghami Pro is ad free, provide unlimited downloads and has an Offline feature to do downloading without internet connection .

[button color=”black” size=”14″ type=”round” target=”blank” link=”https://www.aptoide.com/app/com.anghami/anghami-free-unlimited-music”]DOWNLOAD NOW[/button]




playstore app of tunee music mp3 downloader

Tunee Music app is an app that can be downloaded from Google Playstore on your android device. This app has a great user interface that keeps the user engaged to it . The app also bundles a music player in which you can play your downloaded mp3s .


It shows download file size, has an attractive UI and is easy to download and use .


It lacks any superior management options .

[button color=”black” size=”14″ type=”round” target=”blank” link=”http://m.downloadatoz.com/tunee-music/com.tuneecrew.music/”]DOWNLOAD NOW[/button]




spotify light downloader by spotify for android

This app is among the most famous android music downloading app. It allows you to play and download your favorite songs from the list of millions of songs . Using this app is quite easy just like other music apps . In this application you can search the desired mp3 song and download them simple !


Spotify’s Interface is easy to use and has a sturdy audio player .

[button color=”black” size=”14″ type=”round” target=”blank” link=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.spotify.music&hl=en”]DOWNLOAD NOW[/button]



Perfect Music Downloader

perfect app for android music downloader

Perfect Music Downloader integrates  a strong search engine to search and download free new mp3 songs and music download . It also gives an option to play the song even before downloading it .


Lots of free music can be downloaded .

[button color=”black” size=”14″ type=”round” target=”blank” link=”http://www.9apps.com/android-apps/Perfect-Music-Downloader/”]DOWNLOAD NOW[/button]



Gtunes Mp3 Music Downloader

gtunes downloader app of android songs downloader

GTunes MP3 Music Downloader application allows you to download the desired MP3 file from Internet that to 100% free . Unlike others music apps though, it doesn’t have any notification ads, instead it let you find and download the mp3 music you want. It allows you to download all latest as well as classic songs to download in your SD card .

[button color=”black” size=”14″ type=”round” target=”blank” link=”http://gtunes-music-downloader-v6.en.uptodown.com/android”]DOWNLOAD NOW[/button]



Easy Music Player Download

easy app mp3 sound downloader

Easy Music Download app lets you find and download the music and songs easily. It allows you to preview the song before downloading and has immense range of music available. It also allows you to set music as ringtone or share the songs.


Easy to use and has wide range of mp3 songs .

[button color=”black” size=”14″ type=”round” target=”blank” link=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.doionline.musicplayer&hl=en”]DOWNLOAD NOW[/button]



So these are must have 20 Top and Latest downloaders Apps for Mp3 music for your android device . I recommended you to bookmark this page we’ll update it on a regular basis as soon as we find something interesting and new music mp3 apps for android .

You can also check some of the must have android apps in your android smartphone.

Must Have Android Apps in Your New Android Phone

So are you buying a new android phone or either you are fed up by using your android phone as usual, now here are some top android app that can make your phone more interesting .There is over 1 million apps are available in the play store on android, but the some of them change your way about to interact with your phone, for that you must have to download these apps and the good thing is that they are fully free.

Here are some apps listed below;


Swiftkey is the one of the best keyboard available for ios and android devices, such as tablet and Smartphone, the probability is that it is also one of the most using keyboards.


 App Installs: 50,000,000 – 100,000,000 

 App Ratings: 4.5

 App Reviews: 1,965,661

Best thing of this of this app is that it will remember your all previous text, it learns your way of writing and then makes a prediction for next word during typing.

The swiftkey have thousands of emojis through which you can show off your feelings or activity by sending them to a receiver, it also predicts the emojis for some special words.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger mostly names as “Messenger”. It is a communication service and applications software through which you can do chat, voice communication, video call and send the multimedia file.

facebook messenger
facebook messenger
facebook messenger
facebook messenger

 App Installs: 1,000,000,000 – 5,000,000,000

 App Ratings: 3.9

 App Reviews:  28,845,431

The messenger allows you to communicate with your friends, family and your colleagues through both mobile and main website service.

The messenger service is provided by the facebook. In April 2016 the facebook publishes that the Messenger reached 900 million monthly active users.

Mark Zuckerberg is the CEO of facebook.


Hike messenger mostly named as “Hike”, it is an instant messaging service available on android play store.

It is application software which uses the internet data and in addition, provides you instant messaging and voice call service.


App Installs: 50,000,000 – 100,000,000

 App Ratings: 4.3

 App Reviews: 1,842,980

Hike also provides some interesting facilities for the user, like user can send contacts, audio, images, user location, graphical image and video files.

And the one more feature is that Hike provides languages for communication:-

  • Hindi
  • Tamil
  • English
  • Kannada
  • Gujarati
  • Marathi
  • Telugu
  • Bengali
  • Malayalam


“Sahreit” is a free application service, through which you can transfer the file from one device to another device faster than Bluetooth or even than NFC without using of internet data, but the condition is that the both “sender” or “receiver” must be WIFI compatible device.

The user can transfer almost every type of files including contacts, images, video, apps, music, document and any other files.


App Installs: 50,000,000 – 100,000,000

 App Ratings: 4.5 

 App Reviews: 1,898,962

The first initial launch of this app was in china in 2012 June and named as “anyshare”. Now this app is currently accessible in 39 languages including French, English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese and Russian. This application is developed by the Lenovo.

Google Translate

Google Translate is a one of the most useful application, it is available for android and IOs as a free download application.

google translate
google translate
google translate app
google translate app

App Installs: 50,000,000 – 100,000,000

 App Ratings: 4.4 

 App Reviews: 4,264,278

The Google Translator application work is to translate the speech, SMS, and history from one language to another language and it is so simple to use.

The first version of this application was launched in 2010 January with supporting the 90 languages and 15 languages for voice input.

Parallel Space

Parallel Space is application software that allows you to use two user accounts for any application, installed on your device.

parallel space
parallel space
parallel space
parallel space

App Installs: 10,000,000 – 50,000,000

 App Ratings: 4.6

 App Reviews: 821,386

Basically, with the help of this app, you can manage two accounts on the same device; account likes Facebook, Instagram, Clash of Clans, Hike, Whatsapp and much more. Like you can use Hike with your two contacts no. on the same device.

UC Browser

UC Browser is application software through which you can browse the internet on your mobile. The Chinese mobile Internet Company is the developer of UC Browser.

UC browser
UC browser

App Installs: 100,000,000 – 500,000,000

 App Ratings: 4.5

 App Reviews: 10,376,396

The UC Browser application is available for many platforms like window phone, ios, androids, blackberry and Java ME.

The features of the UC Browser is, that the UC browser compresses the web page data,which makes the web page load faster.

ES Explorer

EX Explorer is a file managing application software which allows you to access and manage the all type file stored in the drive.

ES ceplorer
ES ceplorer
es explorer
es explorer
es explorer
es explorer

App Installs: 100,000,000 – 500,000,000

 App Ratings: 4.5

 App Reviews:  2,696,429

EX Explorer allows you to do a multimedia task. The great feature of EX Explorer is that it is built in RIP and ZAR. The RIP enables you to compress any type of big file into a small Kb file, whereas ZAR allows you to decompress / extract back the compressed file in the same order and size.

There are some more features that ES Explorer gives you; some of them are like, that you can cut/copy the file and make it paste to another place at where you want.

It also allows you to Rename and Deletes the file.


Flipkart Company provides e-commerce services in India, they sell the product (everything) that you need, trough this service you can buy it.


App Installs: 50,000,000 – 100,000,000

 App Ratings: 4.2

 App Reviews: 1,988,750

Products like a laptop, LED TV, phone, clothes, etc and a single pen also.

Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal is the CEO of Flipkart. In past life they do a job in amazon.com which is also an e-commerce company, from there they get an idea to open the e-commerce site in India named as Flipkart.

Flipkart card provides you COD (cash On Delivery), which means you pay when you get your product on your hand


Skype is an application which provides you service to do a video call with your loved ones.


App Installs: 500,000,000 – 1,000,000,000

 App Ratings: 4.2

 App Reviews: 8,845,219

The Skype is free app available at play store, but to do a video call you must have Internet Data, in addition, you can make calls.

The Skype service is provided by the Microsoft.

The latest version of Skype provides some more new and interesting features like International audio call and instant messaging (text Exchange).


So these were the most installed apps in the play store which are also a must install app that every person should have in his android phone. Even the iPhone users should have these apps as they are common for both platforms though we will write a separate article for the iPhone users soon. Keep connected to the technology from Deadlyminds.

Air Traffic Control

(ATC) Air Traffic control is a service that controls the traffic at airspace, which is controlled by the Ground-Based controller. The ground-based controller control and guide the aircraft directly from the ground.

The process of controlling the aircraft includes the process from take off to landing. They also make sure that all the aircraft in the sky are safely separated by each other to prevent the crash (collision).

Every airport has their own ATC tower for familiar concept but the aircraft controlled by ATC System as the fly on route. Europe has more no. of large Air Traffic Control (ATC) which control aircraft around the airport from terminal areas. The Air Traffic Control (ATC) provides the guidelines, help to simulate the aircrafts and the Air Traffic flow. The Air Craft Control (ATC) also pay the role of defence and security and the (ATC) is also used by military.

The Collision, to prevent the collision the Air Traffic Control (ATC) has some rules for traffic separation, by this rule the (ATC) control the aircraft to use minimum airspace their around. Some aircraft has system to avoid collision, when it comes too close to another aircraft, will warn the pilot.

Air Traffic Control Assistant

Air Traffic Control assistant is also named as “Air Traffic Control Assistant” and “Assistant- Air Traffic Control”, the work of Air Traffic Control Assistant (ATSAs) is to help the Air Traffic Controller and the work is depend on their positions.

The main part their work is to answer the phone calls, making calls and to use of two-way-radio. They have to make call to get the information and the information about incoming flights from another airfield. They may also deal with their own airfield calls and etc,

Air Traffic Control Assistant have to do some more worked also, here are listed below some works if they are working in control tower:

  • Radar Room Assistance
  • Update the data information in flight and their display system
  • Have to compile the daily schedule of flight
  • Deal with the incoming and outgoing messages
  • Answer the call phone

Air Traffic Control Career

Career in Air Traffic Control (ATC), for this opportunity people should be hardworking who extremely Caution to think many time before taking any action, there is no option for taking any wrong action under the pressure, single wrong mistake have many lives, they have to solve the problems by taking the minimum of time. They have to solve problems in a minimum of time and always need to work in a team. Working at the international (ATC) they must be fluent in English, eye sight have to be good and the attitude always should be calm.

The Pay Scale in Air Traffic Control

Pay scale in some countries:

  • Airports Authority of INDIA Salaries
Job Title Airports Authority of India Salary
Junior Executive ₹6,73,469
Air Traffic Controller ₹9,04,249
DGM – Monthly ₹1,77,854/mo
Manager (Electronics) ₹10,76,058
  • FAA Salaries in Dubai, UAE
 Air Traffic Control  $136,40  at Dubai, UAE Area
 Air Traffic Control Specialist   $120,492  at Dubai, UAE Area
 Management and Program Analyst   $83,844  at Dubai, UAE Area
 Airways Transportation System Specialist  $70,510  at Dubai, UAE Area
  • ATC salaries in Europe

The salary of ACT in Europe,

Monthly salary:

TWR non RDR €1.900 (min)/ €2.500(max)

TWR RDR/APP €2.200 (min)/V2.800(max)

ACC RDR/AWY €2.500(min)/ €.200(max)

  • ATC salaries in America

The annual salary of ACT in America was $118,40 (may 2012), now the salary of ACT is $121,470 paid by the federal government.

Air traffic control certification course

  • ANS ( Air Navigation Services )
  • NATS
  • FSS (Federal Aviation Administration)
  • Air Traffic Controller’s Guild (INDIA)
  • Civil Aviation Training College- Allahabad (INDIA)
  • Airservices (Australia)

    Air Traffic Control Books

    • Fundamentals of Air Traffic Control

    Author: Nolan, Michael S.
    Publisher: Clifton Park, NY: Cengage, 2011

    • Air Navigation Law

    Author: Abeyratne, R.I.R.
    Publisher: New York, NY: Springer, 2012

    • Air Traffic Control

    Author: Federal Aviation Administration
    Publisher: Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Transportation, 2010

    • Air Traffic Safety and Control Issues

    Editor: Wright, Jamie N.
    Publisher: Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science, 2011

    • Air Traffic Technology International

    Publisher: Dorking, Surrey, England: UKIP Media Events

    • Aircraft Communications and Navigation Systems: Principles, Maintenance and Operation

    Authors: Tooley, Mike; Wyatt, David
    Publisher: Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge, 2011

    • Fundamentals of Ground Radar for Air Traffic Control Engineers and Technicians

    Author: Bouwman, Ronald
    Publisher: Raleigh, NC: SciTech, 2009

    • Human Factors Impacts in Air Traffic Management

    Editors: Kirwan, Barry; Rodgers, Mark; Schafer, Dirk

    Publisher: Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 2005

Air Traffics Control Games

There are many Air Traffics Control Games are available online for PC, Android, Window:

Games for PC

  • Air Traffic Controller 3 PC HD

  • ATC3 RJAAN AtageB2 Expert

Games for Android

  • Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Free

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  • flight simulator
    flight simulator
    flight simulator game
    flight simulator game


  • Unmatched Air Traffic Control

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flight simulator game
flight simulator game
flight simulator game
flight simulator game
  • Air Control Lite

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  • flight simulator game
    flight simulator game

    flight simulator game
    flight simulator game

Games for window phones

 Air Traffic Command

air traffic control game
air traffic control game

Air Traffic Rush 2

air traffic control game
air traffic control game

World’s Tallest Air Traffic Control Towers

Here are listed the world’s top 10 tallest and largest Air Traffic Control (ATC) tower. ATC is a service that controls the traffic at airspace, which is controlled by the Ground-Based controller and guide the aircraft directly from the ground, every airport has there own ATC tower. ATC have to face some problems such as weather, hijacking, air space congestion

Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Bangkok (Thailand)

New Bangkok International Airport or Suvarnabhumi International Airport of Thailand is run by Airports of Thailand; this International Airport has the world’s tallest ATC (Air Traffic Control) Tower with the height of 132.2 meters (44ft).Measuring the airport in East its has 4,000meter long and 60 meter wide Runway, in the West its has 3,700meter long and 60metere wide Runway.

 world's tallest ATC (Air Traffic Control) Tower
world’s tallest ATC (Air Traffic Control) Tower

The Airport holding the average of  76 flights per hour.

The Air Traffic Control (ATC) Tower at New Bangkok International Airport is established by “Aeronautical Radio of Thailand (Aerothai)” and “Siam Syntech-unique Engineering Consortium”. IN which the Equipment and the Technology for the tower is provided by “Thales”.

The Tower gets the view of 360 degree about 32.4km2 surface areas by the controllers Equipment of the Airport Traffic Control Tower.

Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia


The Airport is address by Kuala Lumpur International Airport, 64000 Sepan, Selangor, Malaysia, in the capital city of Malaysia which is establish in the area of 50km approx, which has the world second tallest tower with the height of 130meters (426ft).

world second tallest tower
world second tallest tower

The developers of this ACT tower shaped it like Olympic torch.

This Airport has two parallel Run way of 4,000meter long which serves the 120flights per hour and it is visible and handle from the ATC tower. And it was developed by the “Kisho Kurokawa”, Owned by the Malaysia’s Government and Malaysia Airport Behard operate it.

 Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, United State


Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, it has the third tallest ATC tower and the tallest in the North America with the height of 121.3meters (3987ft), which handles the 2,500 departure and arrivals every day.

 third tallest ATC tower
third tallest ATC tower

It has the five parallel runways of 9,000ft to 11,889ft which has the clear view from the ATC tower. The featured Tower is constructed with the investment of currency “$44.2millions”, in which $39.4 million was funded by the City of Atlanta and the $4.8 million by the FAA “Federal Aviation Administration” for their equipment.

It was developed by the ”Hansel Phelps” constructor contractor .

Tokyo International Airport / Haneda international Airport, Japan


In January 2010 the Tokyo International Airport  opened there new ATC tower with the height of 115.7meter (380ft) and the  fourth tallest tower in the world.  This new tower is taller than the old one with a difference of 38m.  The runway of this airport that is visible from tower is 2500m long is located in Tokyo Bay.

fourth tallest tower in the world
fourth tallest tower in the world

This new tower construction is done with an asset of seven billion yen ($80m) and is integrated with the latest anti-tremor machinery to make it seismic activity resistant and thus keep away from swaying caused by strong winds. The control room of the tower doesn’t have any pillars.


The latest tower has enabled the terminal radar control system to be centralized at Haneda; it was previously operated separately by Narita Haneda airports. The old tower now serves as an emergency back-up tower. The airport is operated by Tokyo Aviation Bureau, Ministry of Land Infrastructure and Transport (airfield), and Japan Airport Terminal.

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, Chine


Southern Baiyun International Airport is featured with the world Fifth tallest ACT tower which is about 110meter (361ft) and it is also the china’s tallest ACT tower. The tower gives the entire view of Southern Chinese Airport which is about in area of 15km2.

world Fifth tallest ACT tower
worlds Fifth tallest ACT tower

The ACT tower is constructed in the area of 10,100m2 and it take the investment of SGD 11millions ($8.769million), the construction has been done in 2003 before the opening of airport which is opened on 2004. The design and the engineering to develop the tower are by the CPG Consultant. And the contractor Parsons Corporation & URS Greiner Woodward are the main constructor of airport.

The airport has the two Runways which is major China Southern Airlines. And the Baiyun International Airport is the operating company.

Cairo International Airport, Egypt


Cairo International Airport of Egypt is featuring the world

tallest ACT tower with height of 110meter (361 ft). The 85m2 area is covered by the control tower and the 3,000m2 covers by the technical service.

The airport is located at the middle of the city’s business region, the Airport and Navigation’s are operated by the Egyptian Holding Company.

The ATCV tower was constructed to handle the third runway which is parallel to the two presented runways. The main construct contractor is “Orascom” of the ACT tower.

Abu Dhabi International Airport, UAE


Abu Dhabi International Airport has the Seventh world’s tallest ACT tower with the height of 109meter (358ft) and consisting of 20-storey level, the airport has two runway in which the tower is the situated between of them.

Seventh world’s tallest ACT tower
Seventh world’s tallest ACT tower

In which, top 8 floor design to control the airspace, and the 12 floor to control the ground level service, b y the 2017 the airport is going to increase their passenger capacity to 27 million per annum and by 2030 increase to 40million.

The design was developer by the “Terrell”, the management of construct contract was awarded by ADPi. The “Thales” is the provider of controlling system and the Air Traffic System and MSTS multi sensor tracking system featured by Thales EUROCAT system.

Vienna International Airport, Austria


Vienna International Airport is the Eight tallest ACT tower in the world with the height of 109meter (358ft), the surface area of the ACT tower is 3,300m2 which positioned at the entrance hall of the Airport, the main structure of ACT tower is completely subsist of reinforced concrete.

Eight tallest ACT tower in the world
Eight tallest ACT tower in the world

The sixth floor of the ACT tower is developed for Air Traffic Control.  The top of the building in angled at 45 degree which gives the clear view of the two runways.

The design of the tower is developed by “Zechner & Zechner”, whereas the Peter Mandl, formTL, Thomas Lorenz, Lorenz Consult and Dr. Pfeiler are the project partners, and the work hydrological and geotechnical consult by the BGG.

Indiana International Airport, USA


Indiana International Airport has the ninth tallest ACT tower in the world with the height of 106.07meter (348ft) opened in 2006,it is also America’s second tallest ACT tower. The Smoot Aviation Constructor and Hunt construction group constructed the tower by using currency of $32million.

ninth tallest ACT tower in the world
ninth tallest ACT tower in the world

The diameter shaft of the tower is about 28ft; the concrete wall is thick about 18in. the window of the ACT tower is made by Glass which giving the view of 60 degree.

The Airport has two parallel runways and a single crosswind runway, and it is operated and owned by the Indianapolis Airport Authority.

Orlando International Airport, USA


The 10th tallest Air Traffic Control (ATC) tower in the world with the height of 105.16m (45ft),it is the new one ATC tower or Orlando International Airport, which it 126ft taller than old one, the program of replacing the old ATC tower was stared in September 2002.

10th tallest Air Traffic Control (ATC) tower in the world
10th tallest Air Traffic Control (ATC) tower in the world

The FAA is the constructer of the ACT tower at Orlando International Airport which is funded by the Authority of Great Orlando aviation; it is also owned and operated by the Authority of Great Orlando aviation (GOAA).

With the daily average, they are holding the 802 flights per day with including departure and arrivals.




Problems Faced In ATC

Here are some problems that occur in ATC System. The problem and there reason that ATC faced every day is described below, that may be you want know

There are 3 types of problems faced in ATC (air traffic control)

  1. Weather
  2. Traffic congestion
  3. Hijacking

There are many problems face every day in air traffic control system.  The problems arise due to change in the weather and thus the air traffic demand.  There tend to be many factors that are responsible for the amount of traffic that can be allowed on the runway at a given time period by the ATC Tower.

An airplane needs to arrive to runway, slow down and then exit before the second airplane is on the way of crossing. There requires at least minutes for this process to happen. Considering the departures between arrivals, each track can handle about 30 arrivals per hour. An enormous airport with two arrival runways can hold somewhat 60 arrivals per hour in perfect weather conditions.


ATC weather problem
ATC weather problem

Some time due to the bad weather, the air traffic controller have to delay the landing of flights which cause the traffic in the airspace, some time the weather is very bad then they have delay many flights in single time, if the airport has many runway then they have delay 3-4 flights per minute which makes a very high congestion in the Airspace.

The congestion of Air traffic means more chances of collision. Day by day the air traffic is increasing which cause the congestion in air space.

Airspace congestion
Airspace congestion

Its sound venture that the total average of commercial daily flight is 102,465 Flights/day, but these flights are globally served by the 49,871 Routes

World largest airlines daily average

18,043 flights per day by Star Alliance

14,011 flights per day by One World

15,723 flights per day by Sky Team

The Accumulated total flight by only these Airlines, the average comes out is 47,777 flights per day.

And the Globally total average is 102,465 flights per day, which is a big reason to worry about “congestion in Airspace”.

On last Wednesday 6/07/2016 the India’s International Airport “Indira Gandhi International Airport” (IGI) handles the record of 1,044 flights in a day.

There are also so many flights in the sky which are served by the Air Transport Acton Group.

So there are too many aircraft in the sky at single time which cause accidents, every year thousands of aircraft accident, you havr to know that till now in 2016 the no. of accident is 674 report by the of NTSB  “National Transportation Safety Boardhttp://www.ntsb.gov/_layouts/ntsb.aviation/index.aspx

In January 96 accident, February 75, March 97, April 110, May 135, June 141 and in July 20 accident.

So, it is one of the main problems.

The “Aircraft Hijacking” is also named as Aircraft Piracy or Air piracy, basically the Aircraft hijacking is a “illegally seize” in which the aircraft hold by the hijackers and make it fly to their planed place.


In many cases the hijackers forced the pilot to fly the aircraft according to the hijackers planed, rarely sometimes the hijackers flown the aircraft own self.

Usually the Air Piracy is not committed to theft or robbery. Most of the time they hijack the aircraft to using the passenger as the hostages, either for some political or for monetary ransom or administrative allowance by authorities, there would be various motive, demand to release the inmates, some time they also use aircraft weaponry to target the specified location e,i.,(September 11)

September 11
September 11




How to Increase Android App Installs- Promote app

So Are you worried of your Android App being underrated in Play store. Are your apps downloads not a problem but uninstall is. Here is how you can increase your Android App Installs or How to Promote your Android App.

App Content and Description

With a proper App content and app description you can attract a huge audience and force them mentally to install your app. This will happen only you have an attractive logo, awesome App Screenshots, Lengthy and Useful app description and last but not the least Android App Ranking in Play store.

Attractive Logo

With an attractive Logo you can get impressions converted to Downloads and installs. If your logo depicts all that a user needs yes you will definitely get the install.

When you study the logos of Big companies or big apps you will see the simplicity and yet attractiveness in their app log. Google is a simple example how it makes everything just so attractive.

A small trick here is the use of base and light colours and not much overfilling.

increase android app installs simple and clear

  • Clear and Simple
  • No need of words when media depicts it all
  • Simple doesn’t means poor
  • Using rainbow colours with simple shades rather than too sharp.
  • Pitching accurate and exact. Don’t overfill the logo with lots of data: brand symbol, brand name, pitch line etc.
  • Think Different
  • Don’t copy paste and use you own creativity.

Awesome App Screenshots

After you get an impression there are 10-20% chances you will get a click with attractive Logo. But then what will your app be installed. No not yet, you need to show what your app contains and what the presentation would be.

screenshot android app dowload install
Screenshots for Picsart App

App Description

The useful app description is another one that gives android app installs a boost. The reason being a simple one. Not all those who see your app installs it directly. They have to go to your android app page where Your logo , Android app, App Description are visible to them and thus they can decide whether this app suits your purpose or not.

  1. Start the description with a pitching line
  2. Try to use attractive keywords like – “Must Have”, “Top App”, “Best for you”, “Suits your needs”, etc.
  3. Keep accurate App Description that shouldn’t go apart from the audiences interest. Many people try to lengthen their app description and make it go astray.

Boost Your Android App Rank or Position in Play store

One of the easiest way is to increase the position of your app in Google play store for your keywords. The higher you app appears in the search results more will you get the audience and hence higher downloads and installs.

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Google Tricks Every One Must Know – Amazing!

Do you know! There are so many best tricks for Google Search, most of us use Google search every day, most of the time and we know that how to search. But actually there are so many tricks that we can use to make our Google search easy and interested.

So, you don’t need to Google search in a old way, let have some fun by using tricks on Google search,

Here are some given tricks, which you can use easily by reading the following steps:-

1.        Google Translate

Google Translate is a one of the most useful tricks, if you want to translate any word to another language you have to do just a little  think, type the word that you want to translate and then type translate in a “language”(any that you want).


Type to search “boy translate in Hindi” and the Google shows you the meaning


Also read:  Increase android app ranking tips

2.       Compare the foods by using “vs”

Comparing the Foods, it is also useful tricks to define the food and there nutrition value. The nutrition value is the core of food which is helpful for our health. To use this trick you have to do a simple Google search, type “ vs “ between the two food like “rice vs. roti”,


Type to Google search “rice vs roti“

food vs food tricks
food vs food tricks

3.       Definition

The Definition is a another Google search trick which is also a most useful thing, by using this tricks you can find out the all related meaning and definition of any word. To use this trick, you have type “define” and the word for the meaning, make it search and the Google will show you the meaning ,


Type to Google search “define force”

define the word
define the word

4.       Google calculator

BY Google calculator you can solve your math problems; it is a trick that will display a calculator on your screen by just searching calculator on Google search. After then Google display a calculator and with this you can your calculation,

Example, type  ”calculator” in Google search

google calculator
google calculator

Now do a calculation,

google calculator
google calculator

5. Find Movie on your location

If you have any plans for movie then you must have to use this tricks, this tricks allow you to see the list of theaters and multiplex nearby you. To use trick you have type movies and the place ,


Type “movies in Agra” in Google search

find movie on your location
find movie on your location

6.       Weather Condition

Weather condition is a useful trick, with the help of this trick we can know the weather condition of any place, the main helpful thing about this trick is, if you are planning for going somewhere with the help this you can check the weather before going. You can use this simply by typing “weather” and place,thr Google will show the weather of the place,


Type “weather Agra” in Google search

weather detail
weather detail

7.Do a tilt

Do a tilt is a fun trick which is developed by Google Engineers. It is great way for entertainment, by using this trick the Google display will go tilt, for tilt your display you have to search “tilt”


Type “tilt” in a Google Search

do a tilt
do a tilt

After searching “tilt”

do a tilt tricks
do a tilt tricks

8.Track Airline Flight

This will allow you to track the flight and the arrival time of any flight. You havr to just type the “flight number” and “flight name” ,


Type “Delta 1456” in Google search

track the flights tricks
track the flights tricks

9. WebPages Link With A Site

If you want to see the web pages that linking to your site, the Google will directly display all web pages that are linking to your site, you have to just type the link of your site,


Type the link http://deadlyminds.com/

link to webpage direct
link to webpage direct

10. Google Timer

Google timer , you can use this also as a stop watch, its allows you to set time on Google as a stop watch you can say also timer, you have to do just type “set time for 1 hours”, then press enter and the timer will start,


Type “set time for 3 hours”


google timer tricks
google timer tricks

11. Time

In the all over world, wherever you are if you want to know time just type “time” and the “city name” in Google search,


Type “time & city” and the Google display the time

google time
google time

12. Wrong spelling, don’t worry about it

There is no need to worry about your spelling mistake on Google search, the Google search provide there a automatic spell checker which display all related word, and then just click to your words. And then Google show you all that you are about to searched,


Imagine, you type wrong spelling of “digital” instead of “digital”


google auto spell checker
google auto spell checker

13. Sun rising & sunset

If you want to know exact timing of sun rising & sunset, then you don’t need to ask to ells, just do a Google search for “sun rising” and the “city name”, after then Google will display the exact timing,


Type to Google search “sun rising” or either “sunset” and the “city name”

“Sun rising in Agra”

sunrise time
sunrise time

“Sunset in Agra”

sunset timing
sunset timing

14. Do a barrel roll

It is a fun trick that Google gives you to do Google search with fun, just type “do a barrel roll” and “enter” it, then you will see that how your screen rotates and it display the mirror image of Google,



do a barrel roll
do a barrel roll
do a barrel roll
do a barrel roll
do barrel roll
do barrel roll


15. Archives News Paper

The collection of historical newspaper since 1798 to 2009.So, if you are searching for a older news or either news paper, then you make it on Google. Regrettably Google has stopped collecting there archives news paper from past 7yeasr, but you can still read the new about 1789 to 2009,

google newspaper
google newspaper


Increase Android app ranking in Google Play store

Its sure you have an android app or you need to have will have an android app in upcoming days and you are curious to know how to rank your android app in the Google play store. Increasing your app position in play store can be a real game changer.

Here are given some 5 useful tips on Android App Ranking.

Using keywords the Right place while publishing the app

First thing is to research the appropriate keyword and the competition for it. This is not an era to rank your app for one or two word length keywords in high competition. That would be just spending money and nothing else.

Where to use the keywords in my App before publishing it? 

There are many places where you can use your keywords and some you might not know and thus we will enlighten you regarding the same.

Title : Using keyword in title which has a length of 30 characters. Remember to start with your main keyword. 

Short Description: Here is your best pitching opportunity. More than 70% of apps that are clicked aren’t installed. So here write attractive lines to force user to install the app.

Full Description:  Here goes all the content you want to describe your users.  Use synonyms, keyword variations in this description. Example: Amazon coupon, Amazon Discount coupons, Amazon Discount Coupon Code, Amazon Discount Offers.

boost android app ranking
boost android app ranking using proper keywords at right place

Get Google Plus Votes on Android App Page

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App Downloads and Installs

Obviously No explanations required for this one. More the downloads and More the installs, higher will be the ranking and it will increase day by day.

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