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Shame on MEDIA Making fun of Modi! So TRUE

Modi visiting Facebook office in Silicon Valley California made India proud by answering the QA session very intellectually. However instead of helping Modi’s work and mission for his meet they are showing only emotional scene on the television.

Media thinks the discussion between Mark Zuckerberg and Narendra Modi was only about his “MAA”. The Media/ indian New Channels haven’t been focusing on the answers and his motive behind the whole meet. However they are rather being emotional about Modi’s mourn in public.

Discussion all over social media is been going on about the TV channels and News Channels who are focusing only on the Modi’s Crying words about his Mother.

Modi is trying hard to change India and Foolish Media is still busy buying the TRP and showing nonsense. They are not spreading the Modi’s campaign. Moreover many Entrepreneurs have tweeted to rather see DD News than any other bullshit trending covers.

Is Media most annoying thing that has ever happened to India. Since it hold 80% responsible on how society goes and respond to the daily activities social media should try hard to go against these news channels.

Some one has to step up and get this biggest communication media improve their quality they are providing for its viewers. Do share and let other know about this.


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