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Problems Faced In ATC

Here are some problems that occur in ATC System. The problem and there reason that ATC faced every day is described below, that may be you want know

There are 3 types of problems faced in ATC (air traffic control)

  1. Weather
  2. Traffic congestion
  3. Hijacking

There are many problems face every day in air traffic control system.  The problems arise due to change in the weather and thus the air traffic demand.  There tend to be many factors that are responsible for the amount of traffic that can be allowed on the runway at a given time period by the ATC Tower.

An airplane needs to arrive to runway, slow down and then exit before the second airplane is on the way of crossing. There requires at least minutes for this process to happen. Considering the departures between arrivals, each track can handle about 30 arrivals per hour. An enormous airport with two arrival runways can hold somewhat 60 arrivals per hour in perfect weather conditions.

Some time due to the bad weather, the air traffic controller have to delay the landingof flights which cause the traffic in the airspace, some time the weather is very bad then they have delay many flights in single time, if the airport has many runway then they have delay 3-4 flights per minute which makes a very high congestion in the Airspace.

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The congestion of Air traffic means more chances of collision. Day by day the air traffic is increasing which cause the congestion in air space.

Its sound venture that the total average of commercial daily flight is 102,465 Flights/day, but these flights are globally served by the 49,871 Routes

World largest airlines daily average

18,043 flights per day by Star Alliance

14,011 flights per day by One World

15,723 flights per day by Sky Team

The Accumulated total flight by only these Airlines, the average comes out is 47,777 flights per day.

And the Globally total average is 102,465 flights per day, which is a big reason to worryabout “congestion in Airspace”.

On last Wednesday 6/07/2016 the India’s International Airport “Indira Gandhi International Airport” (IGI) handles the record of 1,044 flights in a day.

There are also so many flights in the sky which are served by the Air Transport Acton Group.

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So there are too many aircraft in the sky at single time which cause accidents, every year thousands of aircraft accident, you havr to know that till now in 2016 the no. of accident is 674 report by the of NTSB  “National Transportation Safety Board”

In January 96 accident, February 75, March 97, April 110, May 135, June 141 and in July 20 accident.

So, it is one of the main problems.

The “Aircraft Hijacking” is also named as Aircraft Piracy or Air piracy, basically the Aircraft hijacking is a “illegally seize” in which the aircraft hold by the hijackers and make it fly to their planed place.

In many cases the hijackers forced the pilot to fly the aircraft according to the hijackersplaned, rarely sometimes the hijackers flown the aircraft own self.

Usually the Air Piracy is not committed to theft or robbery. Most of the time they hijack the aircraft to using the passenger as the hostages, either for some political or for monetary ransom or administrative allowance by authorities, there would be various motive, demand to release the inmates, some time they also use aircraft weaponry to target the specified location e,i.,(September 11)



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