PM Modi visits Google Headquarters, pinpoints Khagaul on Google Earth

As Narendra Modi visited Google Headquarters today, he was shown what’s new and upcoming in the world of Google including upcoming Google Tech innovations. Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai himself took the honour of making Modi meet the search engine giant’s projects.

When Modi was being shown the Google Earth project, Prime Minister asked for Khagaul to be pinpointed on Google Earth. He was also given a glimpse of the street view technology by Google.

Sundar Pichai later announced about Google’s decision of providing high-speed WiFi facility to hundred of Indian railway stations, and that the count will get risen to 400 within a year.

Modi called his visit as a visit to Google-Guru, and added that this was just a beginning of a new relationship between the biggest word on Internet and the biggest market of Internet facilities.

Sundar Pichai also made Modi meet some of the other projects of Google including the Project Iris which is about a smart lens that calculates the level of glucose. Pichai explained how these technologies can help the ‘Digital India’ campaign led by Modi in getting more emphasized and elaborated.

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Modi took a photo with Google’s top officials before he left the headquarters.

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