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Twitter launches a new Tool named ‘Moments’ to follow breaking news

Twitter has launched an amazing new tool which it calls as ‘Moments’ and which is being referred to be next big breaking news scooping tool. 

It’s not something unbelievable if twitter brings you a little more information about ‘what’s trending‘ because the word ‘trend’ has got defined actually on internet by twitter. After introducing the world with a better experience of celebrity updates, trend dashboards and viral stuffs, it now has come up with another great curation tool called Moment which actually will be like a great relief for those who don’t love ‘following’.

What does Moments do?

Actually, the tool helps you in being updated about latest trending news and hot topics at the specific moment without any need of following someone to get updates about him/her or follow local trends of their geographical area.

Can you use it now ?

Well, it is not available for people outside United States and can be accessed on mobile apps for android, iOS and windows phones as well as on desktop.

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How to access Moments?

This new option can be accessed by clicking the ‘lightning bolt’ icon that is exactly in the middle of the icon row at the bottom of the app and can easily be spotter because of the dark parallax layout of the application.

How does Moments Work?

Here is a little brief about the way moments works :

There is a small icon of lightning bolt which perhaps denotes ‘what just broke out’ and upon clicking which, users shall see a column of stuffs which are actually updated by each new moment. So whatever you are seeing there, know that it has just been served to you, all hot and fresh.

Now, to get into details of a certain news, you just need to swipe right either the title or the brief description of the news that you see there. Once you swipe, you’ll get to see the whole stuff.

Favourite your favourite moment easily now

Another great feature that has been added to the tool is the shortcut to ‘favourite’ a certain tweet from moment. For example, let us suppose you found some tweet from the list of moments great, and you want to favourite it, then you’ve got two ways :

  1. You click in the item once and you choose the favourite option ( like you do normally).
  2. Or, use the new method which is  – double tap a certain tweet there and that’s it. It will automatically get Favorited.
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Keep Yourself Updated

Also, with each new tweet and some real information, a certain moment can be updated to if you see that any moment has got your interest, you can follow that specific moment and so when it gets updated, you can get to know a little more about that topic.

The news about the introduction of this new tool was actually posted on the official blog of twitter by product manager of Moments, Madhu Muthukumar . In that post, he defined Moments as :

“Moments helps you find the best of Twitter as easily as tapping an icon – regardless of who you follow. “

Check the post at the official Twitter blog here.

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