Narendra Modi Visits Silicon Valley

Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi is on the verge of becoming the legend of India. This is the only prime minister who thought more about the growth of India and supports many programs which will make India one of the finest countries in the world. The biggest dreams of Mr Narendra Modi is to count India as one of the digital countries and for this dream he visited the Tech of the world called ‘Silicon Valley’. Silicon Valley is situated at the southern part of the San Francisco Bay area. This place is known as the technology Hub of the world.

Digital India is a plan announced by the Narendra Modi government to integrate different departments to join rural areas with high speed internet networks. Prime Minister has been announcing that the government would be selecting young achievers as brand ambassadors for Digital India. Digital India’s Mission main intend is to link the connectivity gap among the rural and urban areas.

Mr Narendra modi Digital India plan has many works like

 Formation of digital communications

 Delivering on demand services digitally

 Digital literacy

 Design infrastructure to services

 From manufactures of stuff to human supply development

 From support government in enabling people

 Promoting digital literacy

Digital India is a huge cyber world of opportunities for you and citizens of India. Many of the technology industries and the company make start up from here only. This is the reason why our Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi visited to this place to complete their dream to make our country India as a digital country. Our Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi visited different companies and became the representative of the Sikh religion and the Gujarati.

PM Modi visited –

 TELSA MOTOR factory which is one of the best motor company in the world.

 MR. Tim Cook, CEO of the Apple Company. This is also one of the best companies in the technology.

 Mark Zuckerberg the founder of the Facebook and the CEO of the Facebook many things from which the dream of our Prime Minister comes true.

 Biggest technology companies like Google and meet with Sundar Pichai.

 Microsoft office and also meets with Satya Nadella and talk about the dream of her.

The result of our Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi start, today Facebook is fully coloured with the flag of India. This is the proud every Indian that their flag is the background of the world biggest social media site Facebook. Mr Mark Zuckerberg also decides to make a business with India and also fulfil the dream of the Modi sir the Digital India.

Thus, all people decide to make work to India and help to become India as the digital India and also help them to grow their business in India. There is a gathering of all the technology leader of the world and in between of them our Prime Minister address about the dream of making digital India and also addresses that India should be the initiative place.

From this dream many of the leaders decide to work with India and also share some of their plans from which the dream of our Prime Minister “DIGITAL INDIA” comes true and India is also become the most powerful country in the technology upcoming time.

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