Wake up early in the morning - Happy new year resolution

Must Have New Year Resolutions for Teenagers

Happy New Year 2016 to all of You. With the advent of New Year we have brought you some cool New Year Resolutions Every Teenager Must take to start up a good year. These resolutions play a vital role indeed to create a discipline in some ones life which is a most crucial pillar of success.

Make a Girl friend/ Boy Friend

Make a girl friend-boy friend new year resolution

Are you fed up of watching other of your friends and mates with a girl friend or boyfriend then make a new year resolution to be committed to a relationship this year. Make a girl friend or a boy friend and have fun with this only life you have got.

I will have a motive/cause than finishing up whole day without knowing what did I do the whole day

i dont know what to do in my life

Many times you arent sure what to do. Its like at least 300 days out of 365 in the year when you don’t know what you are upto. You haven’t gained a single knowledge ,a skill and thus haven’t been better than yesterday.

Quit Smoking and Drinking

Quit Smoking and Driking www.deadlyminds.com

Get out of Debt

Get out of debt - new year resoutionIts a bitter truth that you haven’t some up the debts you are by taking those small ones from your friends, relatives, near by mates etc. The youth/teenagers are the most ones to be in debt. Yeah I am not talking about the big business debts they are off course some thing to look from different perspective. However You gotta accept it even those debts should be cleared as early as possible. The More the debt the more the worries and worst your life.

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I will Stop playing games

My new year 2016 resolution to stop playing gamesYou may have a serious games addiction- it can be for video games, online games like agar.io (my personal favourite) or counter strike, etc. and you cant stop playing them. This new year can be the best way to pledge stop playing games. There is no 5 minutes playing if you have to stop just stop playing a single second that’s the way you can really stop the addiction controlling you and your conscience.

Stop wasting time on Facebook

This ones really going to hurt you but you have to accept it you are a Facebook Addict.

I am a facebook addict
New Year resolution – will not waste my time on Facebook

Many people have been talking about the one thing they do online is Just Scroll and Scroll over on Facebook for hours without knowing what to do. These people actually haven’t got an aim in life and also know not the importance of time in their life. So start utilising your time for something good or else you will end up like this-
facebook addiction scroll and scroll

I will wake up early

My new year resolution amongst this list is to wake up early morning.
Wake up early in the morning - Happy new year resolutionAll you have to do to wake up early is to get at right time on bed at night. Do this for a week and you will have a habit of getting up early. Here I wake up at 4:00 AM in the morning to keep myself fit. Don’t ignore that its nothing wrong to wake up late. Trust me it is! So make this your new year resolution.

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Become healthy

Are you overweight or underweight or are you suffering from any acute or chronic disease. Its been too long and you cant take any step. Are you still in your comfort zone and want to be same for the rest of your life.

      1. Loose Weight: If you are overweighted you need to get into action. Start the workout from today itself.
        New year resolution
      2. Gain Weight:
        Gain weight funny gif
      3. Fight against a disease you are suffering for ever.
        my life is over- new year resolution against chronic disease

Spend more time with friends and Family members than being lonely

Don't be lonely

It feels good to spend your time with relatives and friends. Either you be busy in yourself and have just no memories at all. The point is straight you don’t realize the importance of spending time with each other. Just imagine its your last time and you are about to die and you eyes are closed what will you thing about in the last times – Only memories of times you have spent since your childhood. So start from today you don’t have the single time to waste because memories are really beautiful and you are missing the beauty of life.

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Learn or develop a skill / enhance my talent

Are you seriously a person without talents? According to a survey the more the intelligence more the number of talents can be found in a person. So Scientifically if you have no talents then you are actually an idiot.

 Build a talent new year resolution.

Well you can develop many talents its only a matter of starting from today itself. Some are born talented and some do build up by practising hard thus called as skill. All it matters is that you wont be a fool around your society.

I Will Remember my resolutions! Stick to it!

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