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Increase Android app ranking in Google Play store

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Harshit Tandon

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On Jun 26, 2016
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Android App marketing is a really tough job and this one is the easiest, cheapest and the best method. Great Information!

Its sure you have an android app or you need to have will have an android app in upcoming days and you are curious to know how to rank your android app in the Google play store.

Here are given some 5 useful tips on Android App Ranking.

Using keywords the Right place while publishing the app

First thing is to research the appropriate keyword and the competition for it. This is not an era to rank your app for one or two word length keywords in high competition. That would be just spending money and nothing else.

Where to use the keywords in my App before publishing it? 

There are many places where you can use your keywords and some you might not know and thus we will enlighten you regarding the same.

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Title : Using keyword in title which has a length of 30 characters. Remember to start with your main keyword. 

Short Description: Here is your best pitching opportunity. More than 70% of apps that are clicked aren’t installed. So here write attractive lines to force user to install the app.

Full Description:  Here goes all the content you want to describe your users.  Use synonyms, keyword variations in this description. Example: Amazon coupon, Amazon Discount coupons, Amazon Discount Coupon Code, Amazon Discount Offers.

boost android app ranking
boost android app ranking using proper keywords at right place

Get Google Plus Votes on Android App Page

Yes this is another secret revealed here for increasing Android App Rank. Getting Unique Google Plus votes is what improves your ranking in App Store. Remember This is not the only factor so don’t be disappointed if you have thousands of G+ Votes and you aren’t ranking. Google Plus votes should be from unique IPs.

Social Signals is an important factor in online presence and Google counts this as a ranking measure for it find users a more attracted towards this app.

Here I am sharing this secret link where you can get cheap Google Plus Votes: – Fiverr gig for android app

Get Unique Reviews and High Ratings

  • Off course that matters! Getting Higher Ratings with reviews is again a plus factor for your app.
  • If you can get your users a message to give them a rating then this would be very useful for you. However don’t irritate them by repeating this message again and again and everyday.
  • Also Get 5 star as much as possible. This would be only possible if the app built quality fulfils the purpose as well as the interest of the user. So for god sake get a good quality app and better android app developer for you.
  • Here is a link to a cheap and quality service which will give you both Unique reviews, Ratings and also Google plus Votes. He provides 70 G+ and 5 Quality Reviews and Ratings from Unique IP for only 5$. If you want more then add 5$ more to get 250 Google Plus and 15 Ratings & Reviews for you Android App.
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android app ranking gig google plus and app reviews + ratings

Paid Service: 5$ Service for google plus one & App Reviews + ratings

App Downloads and Installs

Obviously No explanations required for this one. More the downloads and More the installs, higher will be the ranking and it will increase day by day.

However it is possible that your installs are high and also the uninstalls are huge in numbers then in this case app store will decrease your ranking because it knows that the user convenience is not good and that users don’t like the app thus uninstalling it.

Android App marketing is a really tough job and this one is the easiest, cheapest and the best method. Great Information!

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