How to Increase Android App Installs- Promote app

So Are you worried of your Android App being underrated in Play store. Are your apps downloads not a problem but uninstall is. Here is how you can increase your Android App Installs or How to Promote your Android App.

App Content and Description

With a proper App content and app description you can attract a huge audience and force them mentally to install your app. This will happen only you have an attractive logoawesome App Screenshots, Lengthy and Useful app description and last but not the least Android App Ranking in Play store.

Attractive Logo

With an attractive Logo you can get impressions converted to Downloads and installs. If your logo depicts all that a user needs yes you will definitely get the install.

When you study the logos of Big companies or big apps you will see the simplicity and yet attractiveness in their app log. Google is a simple example how it makes everything just so attractive.

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A small trick here is the use of base and light colours and not much overfilling.

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increase android app installs simple and clear

  • Clear and Simple
  • No need of words when media depicts it all
  • Simple doesn’t means poor
  • Using rainbow colours with simple shades rather than too sharp.
  • Pitching accurate and exact. Don’t overfill the logo with lots of data: brand symbol, brand name, pitch line etc.
  • Think Different
  • Don’t copy paste and use you own creativity.

Awesome App Screenshots

After you get an impression there are 10-20% chances you will get a click with attractive Logo. But then what will your app be installed. No not yet, you need to show what your app contains and what the presentation would be.

App Description

The useful app description is another one that gives android app installs a boost. The reason being a simple one. Not all those who see your app installs it directly. They have to go to your android app page where Your logo , Android app, App Description are visible to them and thus they can decide whether this app suits your purpose or not.

  1. Start the description with a pitching line
  2. Try to use attractive keywords like – “Must Have”, “Top App”, “Best for you”, “Suits your needs”, etc.
  3. Keep accurate App Description that shouldn’t go apart from the audiences interest. Many people try to lengthen their app description and make it go astray.
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Boost Your Android App Rank or Position in Play store

One of the easiest way is to increase the position of your app in Google play store for your keywords. The higher you app appears in the search results more will you get the audience and hence higher downloads and installs.

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But how will you get Better Android App Ranking? Here is the full article to increase Android App ranking.

Paid Services to rank your Android app:

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