How to earn money online doing blogging?

How to really earn money with Blogging: This article is for those who want to earn money working from home which is not at all too hard and if you have come on this article then definitely you are the one searching for the right way to earn money in online business. But first get yourself clear-

  1. Many people think to earn money online is a hard task. Is it so?
  2. Many do think it is all fake and no one tells the secret.
  3. What are the ways of earning money online? 
  4. I want to know how exactly people earn but don’t want to do the task.
  5. I am here to earn money my self at all cost.
  6. I want people working for me [ Wanna be C.E.O. ryt!]

Ask yourself the above questions and see which all fits for you. First of all let me tell you no one has time in this world to tell you all this and neither do i have to just tell it even i am doing this for money and the same reason you are reading this article will earn me some amount.

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Earning money Online is hard ? [Solved]

Yes, the answer for this is its not easy at all and moreover its getting tougher every day with rising competition in the field. However the true opinion would be its not that difficult too. It depends upon your capability.

Like outside the online industry is also about the audience. Its all about audience. If you want to earn money online it means that you want to build your own business, then the first thing of business is to have is the audience or in other terms customers. The more the customers the more the big company and your brand name will become higher.

Is the Online Money earning fake?

No It isn’t ! By now you would have known that if it would be fake i should have not written it for you. No one has the time to write it just like that. I could have invested my time in something else. More over we will soon be showing you some proofs of online money making.

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Ways of online money earning

There are a plenty of ways of earning money online and we will tell you many of them. However every business works on a different model so its your personal interest and interpretation how you would see the business model and adapt it to yourself.

  • Youtube or Video Blogging : The video blogging is gaining pace and popularity as people like to see video more than read Text.
    Remember : Video > Text
  • Google Adsense: The online money can be earned by those who have a website and have plenty of viewers every day. You can get your site approved by google adsense team and earn money right away. You can earn as much as 1$-10$ per 1000 visitors depending upon your blog
  • Affiliate:  This one is the best for people who doesn’t know much about anything. You just need to promote the products of other people and get commission on each one of that.
  • CPA : Cost per action. Many must have heard about this term if you are into Blogging. CPA is a better way than Adsense only if you become good at it. It needs little time and money investment and needs some tricks to learn too.All you have to do is promote and offer from the advertiser and they will give you per action of the user you convert. More what can be said as a converting a lead. Example: completing a survey after clicking an ad, Email subscription, User details etc.
  • Online courses:  Promote you online courses and teaching others is also turning out to be a good profession.
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We will give your more insights about this topic. So keep connected and be inspired by what your do.

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