How to boost Android phone Speed

Tips and Tricks to Increase Android Phone speed: Many Smart Phone users have asked this question several Times and we have come up with a solution to increase / enhance your Mobile speed with these simple tweaks using few apps that you need to install on your device.

Remove Widgets and Live Wallpapers

The widgets eats up a lot of RAM. Even if you restart your phone the background apps may close but the few widget launches at the start up too so remove them. Same with the Live Wallpapers that not only uses the RAM but also drains up the battery too.

Note: If Possible remove All Apps from Home Screen

Stop the apps from sucking the battery

  1. Stop Wifi
  2. Disable Mobile Data Usage
  3. Turn off Live wallpapers | Get a darker Simple static Wallpaper
  4. Turn Off Animations

Using CCleaner to remove Cache and RAM

CCleaner as I already told you is a must have software for both PC

and Mobile Phones. The CCleaner Anroid App shows the Storage and RAM on the top and the UI comes with two buttons one called “ANALYSE” and other one is “CLEAN”. ANALYSE button will scrap the wastes from your Android mobile device and list the garbage files in groups.

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What will CCleaner clean? 

CCleaner-app-Boost-your-android-phoneCache: The Apps you are using is saving the content , images and other files so that it may load quicker. The CCleaner will remove the cache from browsers and those apps like Gallery cache, Youtube cache, play store and other apps you have installed.

Thumbnails Cache:  After the 5th Upgrade CCleaner has created The thumbnails cache option differently. The reason is that the most common apps like Whatsapp, Hike, Google plus, Facebook have profile pics saved so that the App loads faster. Thus it will remove those thumbnails to increase your mobile speed.

SMS & Call Logs: You message inbox would have thousands of older messages which you don’t manage to delete every time. Here is a great option that will let you delete the messages and Call Logs that are filing up the database in your phone memory. These do matter a lot because they will fill up the phone memory where the apps are installed.

Manual App Cleaning: Apps can be closed or managed directly from within the CCleaner App. Thus force shutting up the apps and clearing the individual cache memory stack can be done in no time.

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Using Clean Master

This is also a must have app for every android phone. You can use this app along with CCleaner. The boost icon/ Button will help you to instantly free the RAM on a single click or by dragging it near the home button downwards.

Features of Clean Master App are wide and the app is evolving day by day. The app manager is also integrated in this app Thus giving you the same feature as that of CCleaner. Difference between CCleaner and Clean Master is: It takes time for CCleaner to analyse and then free up the RAM.

Advance Task Manager

This App Kills all the task and process instantly Freeing up more RAM than both CCleaner and Clean Master.

Experts Tested: After using all three above apps, the Advance Task manager cleared more RAM than any other App.However CCleaner and Clean master are must have apps as they are flexible to user and doesn’t ends up all the background process like the Task Manager App.

Get High Speed Class 10 Memory card

Memory cards is your secondary storage which needs to be faster enough. If you are using class 4 Memory card then upgrade to Class 10 not even class 6 there isn’t much different in the price. Get a strontium memory card which is cheap and good enough.

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Updating to Latest Android Version

The new updates of Android OS comes to remove ol bugs and get a smoother OS so that’s why this the first thing you need to do.

Remove Unwanted Applications from your Android Phone

Removing very old and waste applications will help you alot. The unwanted applications that haven’t been used since a long time is-
a) wasting memory storage
b) android log Files space
c) The old apps will increase the cache and log files database during their upgrade too.
Thus they need to be fixed.


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