Filter Adult content on network via router and PC, laptop to protect children/kids

How to Block adult content from Router and Improve Network Security via DNS Service

Do you have children at home who are entering their teenage Life and thus needs to be safe from getting into the dirty world. Here is an article for How to filter/block your internet data packets via a DNS service so that your children cant see any unwanted content on Web.

Block the Content using DNS Service

  1. Go to your browser and in the address bar Type – and then Hit Enter.
    IT can be either (for TP Link and D- Link Routers) or (D-link and others) or you can just see the back of your router in which a note is given regarding your IP Details.
  2. After login (Enter Username Password) , Go to DHCP settings option. Being a TP link router user I have given the image below for your convenience-
    block adult content router dns tplink
  3. After that you can see an option that says Primary DNS and next to that Secondary DNS. These two fields are to be filled up with the Public DNS IPs that are used for content filtration.
  4. This is one such way that can be used to update your DNS setting via Router. However You can also change the DNS Setting from IPV4 Properties. 
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Changing the Preferred DNS locally on a Computer

This local Content Filtration can also be done on an individual system using this step.

preferred dns content filtration

How to Open IPV4 Window

  • Go to Network and Sharing in Control Panel
  • Go to Change Adapter Settings
  • Identify the network which you have to connect to. Right click that connection and then click Properties.

internet protocol version 4

Now Click on the Internet Protocol Version 4 Option. A New Pop Up window will be opened which will look like this-

preferred dns content filtration

Now You can Use the DNS IPs Service to protect your children from unwanted content online.

List of Primary DNS and Secondary DNS services / IPS

Sr. NoDescriptionPrimary DNSSecondary DNSRatings (Out of 5.0)
1Open DNS208.67.220.222208.67.220.2204.9
4Comodo Secure8.
2DNS Watch
3Level3 DNS209.244.0.3209.

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