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Google Tricks Every One Must Know – Amazing!

Do you know! There are so many best tricks for Google Search, most of us use Google search every day, most of the time and we know that how to search. But actually there are so many tricks that we can use to make our Google search easy and interested.

So, you don’t need to Google search in a old way, let have some fun by using tricks on Google search,

Here are some given tricks, which you can use easily by reading the following steps:-

1.        Google Translate

Google Translate is a one of the most useful tricks, if you want to translate any word to another language you have to do just a little  think, type the word that you want to translate and then type translate in a “language”(any that you want).


Type to search “boy translate in Hindi” and the Google shows you the meaning

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2.       Compare the foods by using “vs”

Comparing the Foods, it is also useful tricks to define the food and there nutrition value. The nutrition value is the core of food which is helpful for our health. To use this trick you have to do a simple Google search, type “ vs “ between the two food like “rice vs. roti”,


Type to Google search “rice vs roti“

3.       Definition

The Definition is a another Google search trick which is also a most useful thing, by using this tricks you can find out the all related meaning and definition of any word. To use this trick, you have type “define” and the word for the meaning, make it search and the Google will show you the meaning ,

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Type to Google search “define force”

4.       Google calculator

BY Google calculator you can solve your math problems; it is a trick that will display a calculator on your screen by just searching calculator on Google search. After then Google display a calculator and with this you can your calculation,

Example, type  ”calculator” in Google search

Now do a calculation,

5. Find Movie on your location

If you have any plans for movie then you must have to use this tricks, this tricks allow you to see the list of theaters and multiplex nearby you. To use trick you have type movies and the place ,


Type “movies in Agra” in Google search

6. Weather Condition

Weather condition is a useful trick, with the help of this trick we can know the weather condition of any place, the main helpful thing about this trick is, if you are planning for going somewhere with the help this you can check the weather before going. You can use this simply by typing “weather” and place,thr Google will show the weather of the place,


Type “weather Agra” in Google search

7.Do a tilt

Do a tilt is a fun trick which is developed by Google Engineers. It is great way for entertainment, by using this trick the Google display will go tilt, for tilt your display you have to search “tilt”

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Type “tilt” in a Google Search

After searching “tilt”

8.Track Airline Flight

This will allow you to track the flight and the arrival time of any flight. You havr to just type the “flight number” and “flight name” ,


Type “Delta 1456” in Google search

9. WebPages Link With A Site

If you want to see the web pages that linking to your site, the Google will directly display all web pages that are linking to your site, you have to just type the link of your site,


Type the link

10. Google Timer

Google timer , you can use this also as a stop watch, its allows you to set time on Google as a stop watch you can say also timer, you have to do just type “set time for 1 hours”, then press enter and the timer will start,


Type “set time for 3 hours”

11. Time

In the all over world, wherever you are if you want to know time just type “time” and the “city name” in Google search,


Type “time & city” and the Google display the time

12. Wrong spelling, don’t worry about it

There is no need to worry about your spelling mistake on Google search, the Google search provide there a automatic spell checker which display all related word, and then just click to your words. And then Google show you all that you are about to searched,


Imagine, you type wrong spelling of “digital” instead of “digital”

13. Sun rising & sunset

If you want to know exact timing of sun rising & sunset, then you don’t need to ask to ells, just do a Google search for “sun rising” and the “city name”, after then Google will display the exact timing,


Type to Google search “sun rising” or either “sunset” and the “city name”

“Sun rising in Agra”

“Sunset in Agra”

14. Do a barrel roll

It is a fun trick that Google gives you to do Google search with fun, just type “do a barrel roll” and “enter” it, then you will see that how your screen rotates and it display the mirror image of Google,

15. Archives News Paper

The collection of historical newspaper since 1798 to 2009.So, if you are searching for a older news or either news paper, then you make it on Google. Regrettably Google has stopped collecting there archives news paper from past 7yeasr, but you can still read the new about 1789 to 2009,


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