Girls and Boys buying a laptop | Difference in Talks

You will find it hilarious how girls do react after while buying a laptop in contrary to the Boys who are just Techy enough to brain storm the discussion for a new laptop. I bet you will not stop laughing on this since the low IQ girls have just silly talks to discuss rather than be intellectual.

How boys Talks before buying a new laptop!

Girls and boys buying laptop funny images

The Indian talks are strange Offcourse How college friends talk about new gadgets and take suggestions from everyone.

Girls Chat for buying a new laptop! Killing One

Girls Chat while buying a new laptop

Intelligent Suggestions are something like This – LoL!

How intellects and brainy pupil suggests their friends regarding buy a new laptop.



These suggestion would be like crying out laughing if done publicly.


This ones the best ever! Do share it to your college friends! 

girl boy laptop

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