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Top 10 Best Horror Movie Series

Horror movies are loved by a large percentage of movie buffs across the globe, which is what inspires film makers to create Horror Movie Series in this genre which are nothing but sequels of same movie thus making it a movie series.  Given below is a list of the top ten horror movie series that have become a cult in their own manner.



Undoubtedly one of the best horror movie series, the Halloween franchisee has released 10 movies till date, which include two remakes and the Halloween 3D movie. Almost all the movies in the series were low budget but managed to garner a combined collection of a whopping $367,000,000, at the box office. The terrifying films that have inspired various spin off attempts have become a cult phenomenon especially amongst the lovers of horror stories.


scream horror movieThe franchise has already released 4 movies, while rumours of a 5th movie are doing rounds. The movie series is especially favoured by the younger generation as it has changed the conventional method of terrorizing the audiences used in horror flicks. The very idea of a manic wearing the mask of a ghost and out on a killing spree proves chilling. The combined box office collection of the scream franchise has been an impressive $604,000,000.


saw horror movieThe Saw franchise consists of 7 movies with the rumours of an 8th movie being planned doing the rounds. It is one of the most popular horror movie franchises with each movie being a masterpiece of suspenseful horror and gritty terror. The simple premise and plot of the movies with a surprise ending add to the bone chilling fear created by them. The combined box office collection of the franchise is a whopping $873,000,000.

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Child’s Play

child's play horror movieThis movie franchise is a true classic in the horror genre and consists of 6 movies already released and the seventh one being planned. The concept of a killer doll is truly unique and the main reason for making this franchise so popular. Watching this movie would make anyone think twice before touching the sweet looking doll toys and give them the creeps. The total box office earning of the franchise is $182, 000,000.

Friday The 13th

Friday The 13th horror movie

This well known horror movie franchise has 12 flicks to its credit and is one of the most popular series in the genre.  The franchise is renowned for creating one of the most horrifying characters of all times, that incidentally cannot be killed. The movies in the series have made the hair of the audience stand on its end as new terrors are unfolded in each sequel. The combined box office collection of the series stands at $465,239,523.


sinister horror movie review

Even though this series has only two movies to its credit till now, it has surely made a mark in the horror movie genre. The horror movies depict the terrors experienced by the family and the kids visited by supernatural beings, which make even the bravest viewers cringe in their seats. Even with the latest of the two movies having been released only in August 2015, the combined box office collection for the series is $125, 700,000.

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A Nightmare On Elm Street

A Nightmare On Elm StreetThis amazing series of horror movies consists of nine terrifying flicks. The franchise also has to its credit a television series, various novels and comic books. The horror lies in the twisted mentality of the serial killer who stalks and massacres teenagers in their dreams to seek revenge from their parents. This is one of the highest grossing franchises in this genre and the combined box office collection of the entire movies amount up to $457,000,000.

Final Destination

Final Destination SeriesWith 5 movies in the series already been released and the further sequels being planned, this is one of the most popular horror cum thriller franchise. What makes this series unique is that none of the movie uses the traditional monsters or creepy characters to build fear in the hearts of the audience. Rather the films exploit the human fear of death to create terror. The total box office earnings of the series stand at $665,080,639.

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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

The Texas Chain Saw MassacreThe franchise consisting of seven horror movies, which focus on the creepy character of Leather-face, who, attracts his victims to his territory and then kills them and cannibalizes them. The character of Leather-face is considered to be one of the most notable villainous characters known for his human skin masks and the chainsaw and butcher’s apron soaked in blood. The franchise grossed a total of $235, 000,000 at the box office.

The Exorcist

exorcistThe series consists of five films each of which is based on a fictional story from the novel of the same name. Apart from the unrelenting terror and suspense of the movies, the series also became famous for the curse that was believed to be the cause of various strange occurrences on the set s of the first movie. The series is one of the most popular horror franchises and has grossed more than $661, 478, 540.

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