Best Free Public DNS Service , IPs for safer internet

Best Free/Public DNS Services :  Are you fed up with your ISP and cant access many sites? Is the loading time too high, and the last option is to change your internet Service Provider? Ah Han! Got you. You don’t need to change your ISP , Chill and calm down, All you gotta do is just change the global Domain Name System (DNS).

Yes, doing this will unlock unlimited possibilities of improved internet surfing.

Open DNS

Primary IP:
Secondary IP:

OpenDNS best dns servicesWith the second largest network, this has now become a part of CISCO Systems Inc. OpenDNS uses caching technique and indexes all the websites/ IP addresses that has been used to navigate through its server. Thus if the second time request comes for this IP (or website) via the OpenDNS server (i.e. if you have applied the OpenDNS IP Configuration) then your request takes no time to get resolved and produce you the desired web page.

So if you have asked your browser for a website that has been previously asked by another OpenDNS user, you will get an instant reply if you have already visited the website before.

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It also prevents phishing attacks via a database provided by Phishtank ( a community website used by Yahoo mail as well) to prevent phishing pages to appear.

It also prevents porn or adult content from loading into your browser thus parental control is a beautiful feature of OpenDNS.

Google Public DNS:

Primary IP:
Secondary IP:

google best dns

With a very easy to remember IP and fastest of all Google DNS is the best one for newbie. Users will get higher availability and fastest response time for sure. The security standards it includes is called Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC).

One thing google lags at is the parental control of adult filtering. So If you want safer internet for kids then this is perhaps not a right DNS Service for you.

DNS Watch

dns watch free public dns -best dns service
dns watch free public dns

Primary IP:
Secondary IP:

It highlights 3 points on promotion. Fast, Free and uncensored.
Fast: It promises for not giving any delay in browsing.
Free: Anyone can use without giving a single penny.
Uncensored: They believe in freedom and gives access to everything thus not a god option for those who are looking forward for parental control.

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 VeriSign Free Public DNS

Primary IP:
Secondary IP:

verisign best free public dns
Verisign Free public dns
  1. Now here comes a strong name in the industry. Offering best security VeriSign has recently started in DNS service and is gaining much popularity.
  2. Doesn’t Collects users Data. Thus maintaining security and privacy. (Robust protection from security flaws)
  3. Is assures you that your public DNS data will not be further sold to third parties.

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