Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Maggi Launched in the Market

After a long wait the Patanjali Maggi has finally been launched today. The Patanjali maggi is already sent up for the distributions to the Stores and will be made available within this weekend as said by the Patanjali Committee members.

After Official Maggi got eradicated from the market People were crazy to buy Maggi and so the infant companies Like Yippee, Wai wai Noodles, Reliance maggi Etc. took advantage and doubled their profits. However the announcement made by Baba Ramdev was much relaxing to the Maggi lovers.

Expected date for Patanjali maggi to be made availableBy 21st October in Official Patanjali stores

The Official Tag line of Maggi “Taste bhi health bhi” is now deflecting the market from Nestle Maggi to Baba Ramdevs most awaited product “Patanjali Maggi”. As already stated there will be a huge profit to Patanjali with this which is but a hard working of research team of Patanjali to get this Maggi healthy for the consumers unlike the Nestle Maggi.

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Reputed for his quality products Baba Ramdev has made a clear statement before that there would be no compromise to the quality and lives of millions.

Who were really affected after Maggi went off From the market?
  1. Mostly College Students died of hunger when they have nothing to eat and even the college canteens are off. They had one good friend during their starvation. Many advertisements were made making mockery to the students situations.
  2. The Professional too! The unmarried professional who live alone outside in some unknown town prefer eating maggi at least twice a week.
  3. The Mums – Believe it or not but the Aatta Maggi of nestle is mostly purchase by the Moms (parents) when their child asks for some change in food and they dont want to compensate their child’s health for that they feed them with Maggi.

Patanjali Maggi is however not on the online stores but the customers have started searching to Buy Baba Ramdev Maggi Online.

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