Automation at it’s peak !!!

Many of us would be familiar with Apple’s SIRI which can give answers to many of your questions, but IPsoft has come up with scaled up idea where a bot that the company has named as Amelia can interact like a human.

Amelia interfaces on human terms and her language is expressive with gestures as compared to older bots, it can understand things in context and can enagage with the listener.

Amelia Apple Siri Automation

IPsoft is providing her services where she can enrich customer services by responding quickly and consistently to the queries, so that team can focus on other high priorities work. Amelia can respond in any language your customer speaks and can directly provide her services from the cloud everyday of the year.

The customer care are involved in mundane, repetitive, routine and uninspiring tasks which take there 80% of the time. With cutting edge technology that will emulate the human brain, this 80% of the work can be reinvested in high value functions and can be left to the Cognitive agents like Amelia which will handle the queries efficiently and forward only the complex tasks to other team.

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Amelia is made such that it will become smarter with time as human brain. Her thought process is :-

If she will understand the question she will respond to the query.

If she don’t know the answer to the question, she will find over the web or intranet.

If she can’t find the answer, she escalates the question to human colleagues. She will absorb how her colleague resolves the problem and will train herself for future reference.

Amelia posses a good IQ, but she also has EQ where she can understand and sense human emotions and can respond appropriately.

“[IPsoft’s Amelia], a ‘virtual service-desk employee’ that learns on the job and can reply to e-mail, answer phone calls and hold conversations, is being tested by several multinationals.”

— The Economist

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