Air Traffic Control

(ATC) Air Traffic control is a service that controls the traffic at airspace, which is controlled by the Ground-Based controller. The ground-based controller control and guide the aircraft directly from the ground.

The process of controlling the aircraft includes the process from take off to landing. They also make sure that all the aircraft in the sky are safely separated by each other to prevent the crash (collision).

Every airport has their own ATC tower for familiar concept but the aircraft controlled by ATC System as the fly on route. Europe has more no. of large Air Traffic Control (ATC) which control aircraft around the airport from terminal areas. The Air Traffic Control (ATC) provides the guidelines, help to simulate the aircrafts and the Air Traffic flow. The Air Craft Control (ATC) also pay the role of defence and security and the (ATC) is also used by military.

The Collision, to prevent the collision the Air Traffic Control (ATC) has some rules for traffic separation, by this rule the (ATC) control the aircraft to use minimum airspace their around. Some aircraft has system to avoid collision, when it comes too close to another aircraft, will warn the pilot.

Air Traffic Control Assistant

Air Traffic Control assistant is also named as “Air Traffic Control Assistant” and “Assistant- Air Traffic Control”, the work of Air Traffic Control Assistant (ATSAs) is to help the Air Traffic Controller and the work is depend on their positions.

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The main part their work is to answer the phone calls, making calls and to use of two-way-radio. They have to make call to get the information and the information about incoming flights from another airfield. They may also deal with their own airfield calls and etc,

Air Traffic Control Assistant have to do some more worked also, here are listed below some works if they are working in control tower:

  • Radar Room Assistance
  • Update the data information in flight and their display system
  • Have to compile the daily schedule of flight
  • Deal with the incoming and outgoing messages
  • Answer the call phone

Air Traffic Control Career

Career in Air Traffic Control (ATC), for this opportunity people should be hardworking who extremely Caution to think many time before taking any action, there is no option for taking any wrong action under the pressure, single wrong mistake have many lives, they have to solve the problems by taking the minimum of time. They have to solve problems in a minimum of time and always need to work in a team. Working at the international (ATC) they must be fluent in English, eye sight have to be good and the attitude always should be calm.

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The Pay Scale in Air Traffic Control

Pay scale in some countries:

  • Airports Authority of INDIA Salaries
Job Title Airports Authority of India Salary
Junior Executive ₹6,73,469
Air Traffic Controller ₹9,04,249
DGM – Monthly ₹1,77,854/mo
Manager (Electronics) ₹10,76,058
  • FAA Salaries in Dubai, UAE
 Air Traffic Control  $136,40  at Dubai, UAE Area
 Air Traffic Control Specialist   $120,492  at Dubai, UAE Area
 Management and Program Analyst   $83,844  at Dubai, UAE Area
 Airways Transportation System Specialist  $70,510  at Dubai, UAE Area
  • ATC salaries in Europe

The salary of ACT in Europe,

Monthly salary:

TWR non RDR €1.900 (min)/ €2.500(max)

TWR RDR/APP €2.200 (min)/V2.800(max)

ACC RDR/AWY €2.500(min)/ €.200(max)

  • ATC salaries in America

The annual salary of ACT in America was $118,40 (may 2012), now the salary of ACT is $121,470 paid by the federal government.

Air traffic control certification course

  • ANS ( Air Navigation Services )
  • NATS
  • FSS (Federal Aviation Administration)
  • Air Traffic Controller’s Guild (INDIA)
  • Civil Aviation Training College- Allahabad (INDIA)
  • Airservices (Australia)

Air Traffic Control Books

  • Fundamentals of Air Traffic Control

Author: Nolan, Michael S.
Publisher: Clifton Park, NY: Cengage, 2011

  • Air Navigation Law
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Author: Abeyratne, R.I.R.
Publisher: New York, NY: Springer, 2012

  • Air Traffic Control

Author: Federal Aviation Administration
Publisher: Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Transportation, 2010

  • Air Traffic Safety and Control Issues

Editor: Wright, Jamie N.
Publisher: Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science, 2011

  • Air Traffic Technology International

Publisher: Dorking, Surrey, England: UKIP Media Events

  • Aircraft Communications and Navigation Systems: Principles, Maintenance and Operation

Authors: Tooley, Mike; Wyatt, David
Publisher: Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge, 2011

  • Fundamentals of Ground Radar for Air Traffic Control Engineers and Technicians

Author: Bouwman, Ronald
Publisher: Raleigh, NC: SciTech, 2009

  • Human Factors Impacts in Air Traffic Management

Editors: Kirwan, Barry; Rodgers, Mark; Schafer, Dirk

Publisher: Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 2005

Air Traffics Control Games

There are many Air Traffics Control Games are available online for PC, Android, Window:

Games for PC

  • Air Traffic Controller 3 PC HD

  • ATC3 RJAAN AtageB2 Expert

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